Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Return to Dance

This past week was the World Folk Festival in Springville, UT.  Why they have it in Springville is beyond me, but McCall was fortunate enough to dance in it and it was a big success.  As you can see from the pictures below she performed the Charleston and was absolutely amazing in it.  McCall is naturally such a happy person, but when she gets involved in dancing, she is another person and her whole face radiates.  She had such a great time dancing the entire week and meeting people from Russia, Costa Rica, Columbia, Austria, Catalunya (wherever that is), etc.  

 She feels blessed to have such a great family who took after the girls so she could go dancing and I could still work.  I have to admit it was a very peaceful week for me as the girls were up in Springville, but nothing was so sweet to see Lydia get super excited to see me, stare up at me, and caress my face.
The Saturday show was simply amazing as we got to see fire dancers, Tahetian (spelling?) bum dancing, Columbian dancing that was mesmerizing (sorry to Mom and Dad who came Friday and saw one of the more boring nights), etc.

Also here are some pictures from the 24th of July.  We went up to our usual Hansen spot and did some hiking around.

 After hiking and a long nap, we went over to Butlerville Days in Sandy and it was a blast.  They had a Home Depot booth set up where they gave you all the supplies to make trucks, crafts, etc.  Here's Lydia taking a break from her hammering.  (It was actually quite humerous to see all the adults trying to put these wooden blocks together as the kids looked on in sheer boredom)
 Emree's favorite thing to do, climb the stroller.
 McCall and I did our first 'pie eating contest.'  Although it was very anti-dramatic since we both didn't want to get sick, so McCall just licked off a little whipped cream and I ate about 1/4th pie trying but not really.  We weren't too disappointed that we didn't win when we realized the top three winners received colorful pads of papering (sticky notes) for their efforts.
 Also there was all you could eat watermelon, and Lydia and Emree were in heaven!

 Lydia with her balloon dog.  She loved to gnaw at it, and I didn't stop her cuz it was priceless to see her reaction when it exploded on her.


  1. The charleston you did was absolutely amazing. I could have watched that a lot longer. And it wasn't boring for us. I loved being outside and all the booths and seeing the people from the different countries. Wow that 24th celebration looked fun. You were smart to check it out. That is funny about the parents making the blocks. I'm disappointed you didn't win. That's funny about not telling Lydia it might pop. So mean.

  2. Haha that's hilarious! I wish I could have seen it pop in Lydia's face too. I guess I'm mean like you. And was this event free? Because if so that's really cool. I'll have to check it out next year. Also, I'm glad that things worked out so that McCall could do some dancing. I'm sad I missed it.

    1. It wasn't free, but McCall could have hooked you up with some free tickets.

    2. I was talking about the 24th celebration.

  3. Sheesh I'm glad you guys told us about McCall dancing. I would have loved to come watch her. that's so cool you got to do that McCall you look so cute in your outfit. Come on you woosies haha but i guess i'll give you props for participating.

  4. Wooo
    Apparently my updates for your blog aren't working, I have been missing out on all your post! Yikes! How much fun you guys have been having I the past while! That was fun to catch up and see all the pictures. But anyway, I am SO happy McCall got to dance again! That must have been so blissful for her! As always she is beautiful!

  5. Hey, I found your blog! Yay! I'm glad McCall has been able to dance again. I know she loves it. Lydia and Emree are so cute and getting so big! We really miss you guys out here! Good luck in Utah!