Sunday, March 24, 2013

The latest

Lately this is how Emree eats, she stuffs everything she can into her mouth and waits for it to dissolve in her mouth.  Or, like today in sacrament meeting, she stuffed an entire slice of bread in her mouth, her mouth got tired and she handed me the soggy remains.  
Emree and Lydia got some clothes from our favorite person Brenda, and they loved trying on all their new clothes.

This is at the St. Patricks Day Parade, if Lydia's face was cuter, I'd be mad at that little boy behind McCall's head for ruining such a good picture, but since Lydia pulled that face, no biggie.

We elected to spend Lydia's birthday night at the Cottonwood Rec Center, they swam for 2 hours straight and didn't want to come out, as we were driving home they fell asleep in a matter of seconds they were so pooped.
I found a table by the garbage bin of our apartment, and I thought to myself this:
 At McCall's cloggin competition, Lydia was dancing/clogging the whole time.  She's ready for some dance classes that's for sure.  Emree just ate the entire time.
 Lydia is looking after her little sister, since I told her that the Leprechauns like to steal baby girls.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Lydia!

My sweet little girl was born 3 years ago today.  I actually had picked her name a long time ago when I read Work and the Glory and it wasn't very hard to convince McCall.  I know that's what girls usually do, but I loved that name ever since I was 12 years old.  In my mind, as I read the book, Lydia was the most beautiful and sweet girl, and I was always jealous of Nathan Steed for marrying her.  My little Lydia has definitely lived up to her name.

After one of her first baths, such an awesome experience as Lydia experienced a new type of sensation for the first time.  McCall was super paranoid about her umbilical cord.

Lydia and I knew we were meant for each other.

Lydia developed her classic faces soon after birth, and she never disappoints day after day.  I always find myself laughing at the faces she makes.

McCall always has and probably will always be, Lydia's favorite

Showing off her alfalfa hawk and chunky cheeks

In her blessing dress, such a wonderful day to be able to bless my first daughter

She has to put up with her parents keeping themselves amused.

She decided to grow her hair out one day and cut if off the next.

Just before she started crawling.

I think one of Lydia's first words was outside, which she truly loves, built after her mother I guess. 

Enjoying her first basketball game as a Louisville Cardinal.
Lydia turning one

Lydia has always loved the bath, especially at this age, she would rip all her clothes off and try to climb over the tub until we would give her a bath.
Ms. Into trouble face.

The era of finger food was always hard because it was so messy, but always good for a laugh.
Loving the water park!
Lydia loves to say, "I want to hold you", probably one of her favorite phrases.

Lydia loved to climb up in our Audi and pretend to drive, whenever I'd turn on the car, the blinkers would be going, windshield wipers, and she even managed to ruin to stereos by sticking quarters in the cd changer.  We've learned our lesson.
Cute shirt given to us by Makana, what a good big sister Lydia is, most of the time.

Lydia has always been so obedient with prayers, and now won't let anyone in the house say prayers except for her.  

The day Emree was born, she had no idea that we'd actually take this thing home with us... geez, and ruin her self centered world.  But she learned to adapt and now she loves her little sister and they are the best of friends.
Lydia as a BYU cheerleader for Halloween, I have never seen a child die and scream for candy like she does, so this is definitely her favorite holiday.

Lydia is always good for a laugh, she keeps life happy and exciting, like the time she stuffed her belly and nostrils

This is the porch Lydia and I spent looking at squirrels and dogs, gazing at the stars, playing with water and cups, good memories here
Lydia's excitement for life is amazing, she gets excited for every trip that we go on, even if it's the 50th time to Wheeler Farm
Lydia defied all her mother's odds and was potty trained in less than a week!

Lydia picked up a habit from her cousin Jaedyn of eating snow and she hasn't stopped, but she also loves to play and stomp around in it.  She even went sledding by herself for the first time this year.

I love my little bundle of joy, she gives McCall and I so much happiness!