Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to McCall!

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet wife:

McCall is the best wife and mom a man could ask for. She always has a smile on her face or something funny to say. She thinks of others before herself probably 95% of the time (compared to the rest of us down at 10%). She's a hot momma. I love her a lot, hope she had a grand birthday even though it was on Sunday.

Some enjoyable videos:

First time Lydia has fallen asleep in her high chair, she must have been really tired...

McCall and I went to a Valentine's Stake Dance, where we tore up the dance floor. The theme was 50's, so I slicked back my hair and work jeans and a white shirt and McCall wore her immitation poodle skirt.

Homemade cheescake, it doesn't look so good from this picture but it was delicious. You're probably asking yourself why is it in glassware instead of a pie pan. Well that's the secret ingredient my friends.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Funny Sunday 2-12-12

1. I was watching an Apple commercial and I asked McCall who was in the kitchen, "What's the name of the guy who invented apple again?" She replied, "The guy who invented the apple?" Me, "Wasn't his name..." McCall interrupting, "You mean Jonny Appleseed?" I had a tough time recovering from that one.

2. So Mom, you will be glad to know that I brought out those trolls that you collected for me growing up and even happier to know that Lydia loves them. There's probably about 40 trolls in all, with each styling their own outfit. Lydia quickly held up the troll dressed up for Halloween with a trick or treat bag and said, "Chick a Cheat." Apparently that holiday has stuck out better than most.

3. Every time I change Lydia's nasty diapers I have to hold my breath and mutter gross, or say You Stink Girl! a couple times. Well this girl has learned quickly because before I can spit out my gross, you stink routine she says... "Ewww Dross... haha tinky, tinky, I tink haha, " and she really does giggle the whole time as if it's giving her so much pleasure.

And this cute picture... McCall made cute matching bows for the girlies.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Coming back to Utah!

So as most of you know we are coming back to Utah in May because I got accepted to the University of Utah and will be starting that residency in July. We feel extremely blessed because we thought there was no way I was going to get the position, and I had basically convinced myself beforehand to not be disappointed when the reply came back 'no.' But somehow I got in and we are so excited to be close to family again (even though there are some who are leaving as we get there :( but we're happy for them too). When I called up McCall that morning she squealed like a preschooler, and mom cried like... well a mom. When I got home McCall put a huge poster on the door that read, "We are so proud of You!"

Here are some other pictures of day to day life. Here are my two girls, for some reason I love pictures of just the two of them.
Lydia has really changed a lot recently. She has decreased in whininess about 10 fold, and she is generally so happy and full of hugs and love. I owe it to taking her binky away, McCall may agree sometimes.

Emree is getting pretty big now days. She has progressed to rice milk and bananas because she's always hungry. She scoots out of everything she's in and has near escaped even this bumbo on more than one occasion. She still loves Lydia even though at times Lydia's hugs and kisses just about suffocate her. Lydia has learned not to get too close though, cuz Emree has learned out how to use her hands to pull Lydia's hair. I can always see a smirk in her face when Lydia starts to wail and heads toward her momma.
We were given tons of books by a nice lady in our ward, and that's all Lydia wants to do now. Emree joins in every now and then. If Emree gets to close to the pages and starts grabbing them, Lydia makes sure who's in charge and shoves her back pretty hard against my chest.

Love my girls! And all 4 of us are so excited to be back in Utah in a couple months!