Sunday, November 27, 2011


This morning we took our normal 25 minute drive to church with the family and Lauren. During part of this trip we pass many churches and they always have their 'advertisements' on their signs out front. Most of the time they're pretty funny but once in awhile they have a good quote that makes you think. The quote of today was "What if you woke up with just the things that you thanked God for?" This was a jolt for me and it made me quickly realize that there are many, many things that I have been blessed with that I don't thank the Lord for.

My thankful list:

My attractive, thoughtful, loving, and devoted wife McCall. She is my best friend that I can experience my whole eternal life with. She is constantly serving our family and others and makes everyone's day a little more spiritual.

My sweet daughter Lydia. There are times like this last week where we were traveling home from San Diego on the airplane and she cried bloody murder for 2o minutes straight (that seemed like eternity) that I ask myself, "Self, why did you have kids again?" But then I'm reminded of how much love I have for her the very next moment. Yesterday as I was watching a movie with McCall she comes up to me and gives me the biggest longest hug for no reason. Yes I do love her very much.

My angelic baby girl Emree. I don't know much about her just yet, but she gives us a gift of heaven every time we hold her.

My amazing family to whom I owe everything I am: Dad, Mom, Shae, Mckay, Shelby, Cassidy, Kelsi, Tanner, Lexi, Parker. (and of course the in laws Makana, Brandon, and Daniel)

Although I do not always appreciate it, I'm thankful for my education and that I'll finally be a graduated man in May!

Thankful for the beautiful mountains that I miss so much, for the ocean, for sunsets and sunrises, and all God's creations

Thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and its restored message.

Thankful for music and for the diligent patience of my mom to teach and instill in me a love for the piano.

I'm thankful for pumpkin pie, roast beef, barbecued pineapple, and icecream sundaes.

Grateful for the internet so that I can communicate with love ones far, thankful for a warm bed and roof over my head.

I'm grateful that I could ride the bus, which led me to the most amazing new convert Lauren. She is the latest edition to our family and I'm thankful for her constant friendship and laughter, and babysitting.

Thankful for sports, my healthy body, my functioning body parts, for my eyesight and hearing.

I'm grateful for the gift of the Atonement and the chance to improve..

There is lots to be thankful for and I hope that each of us were able to ponder our blessings this Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

11-6-11 Funny Sunday

Before I begin with the Funny Sunday stories, here are a few outstanding photos of the past couple weeks.
Emree is officially in the 97th % for both weight and height. Way to take after your dad! She really is pretty big but I love it.

So you're probably wondering, what the heck is JD supposed to be? I'm a pot head! Yeah I definitely thought it would be a lot more funny, this was at a friend Halloween party and I received way too many courtesy laughs. Last minute ideas never work for us. McCall is going as a dental student and Lydia is a U of L cheerleader.

This was at our first U of L football game, I think Lydia feels a bit high from all the "apple juice."

This was trick or treating at Westport Village. Mom and Dad you missed out here. We didn't have to pay $8 to get in (it was free), there were no long lines, and we got lots and lots of candy! McCall and I went as BYU fans, and Lydia was a BYU cheerleader (we got an awesome cheerleader outfit from our friends for only a couple dollars). Oh and Emree went as a fetus.

Lydia riding her pony. She got so thrilled about it.

The two sisters, Lydia still loves to maul Emree and get right in her face and yell, "Hi! Hi!" Then she'll pet her hair and say, "Soft." Yesterday she was jumping on the bed and landed right on Emree's head. But she is getting better with being 'soft'.

Lydia is becoming quite the dancer, whenever she hears that beat, she starts getting funky with it. It's quite entertaining. Lately she has been watching McCall's old clogging videos and she tries to mimic her clogging steps... it makes for some good laughs.

And finally the funny sunday of the day:

We stopped to return a red box at a gas station, when a character looking like an ex convict makes eye contact with me and approaches my car. I wasn't sure if I should lock my door and take off in the other direction, but McCall hadn't gotten back in the car yet so I just waited... I rolled down my window and he starts the conversation in a deep gangsta voice, "Do ya'll like rap?" "No, not really." Awkward silence. "I got here some cd's I'se be'n tr'in a sell." "Oh, you rap huh?" He nods proudly. "You good?" "I'm the best." I thought to myself, "That's why you're out selling your cd's at a gas station." But instead I said, "You on youtube?" "Yessir." "Well we'll have to look you up." Awkward silence. "Well good luck selling those cd's." We take off as he heads over to the next car.

It's not that funny when I told it, but it was for us because we were both so scared and loving it at the same time. I should have traded him a Book of Mormon for his cd, straight up.