Sunday, December 12, 2010

Halloween, Thanksgiving and more

So it's been awhile since our last post and we've done some pretty exciting things since then so here goes:
First off, Lydia is addicted to salt. 2 examples. McCall bought a huge carton of gold fish for Lydia. She'll take one and suck off all the salt and then spit it back on her clothes (as demonstrated below). She also loves finger salt. She'll crawl up to you grab your hand and stick a finger in her mouth, once she's sucked off all the salt and nasties off that finger she'll take it out and put the next one in until she's gone down the entire hand. Pretty hilarious!
Thankgiving break! It was awesome we celebrated with some friends from our church. The day after McCall convinced me to wake up at 6 because they were handing out free gift cards (anywhere from $10 -$500, but it was random). So we sat out in the freezing cold for 1.5 hours til we came away with..... two $10 gift cards, kind of disappointing but oh well.
After we were done freezing we headed off to Indianapolis we went to the children's museum where I was attacked by a polar bear...

McCall saw her x-boyfriends picture....

I found the land of my dreams...

We visited the Indianapolis 500 track... which you should never go to if you are not a race car fan, which neither of us are. Was pretty boring not going to lie, but at least we can say we've been there.

While at the Indy 500 museum we decided to take our family pic in a race car. Not really, but that's what it looks like. Even Lydia knew this was a special picture (hands on the laps...)

We were able to go to our first Louisville Cardinals game at the new YUM center! It's a pretty awesome place! We're off to a 8-0 start and nationally ranked! Still not as good as our alma mater though... of course.

This is Lydia just being cute as can be, (probably just pooped her pants)

Halloween: we weren't that creative this year for Halloween, I just pulled out my old football uniforms from highschool and McCall made Lydia's cheerleading outfit. McCall was a little upset she had to be a football player... I kept telling her she would make one hot water girl.

Lydia in her own little world again.

And some pics for the grandparents, these are pretty funny at least to us parents, maybe not to you all.

And here is us in Indianapolis when they light the huge Christmas tree downtown.

The funny part that I cut off was McCall says... Right? at the end, cuz she forgot she was in Indianapolis.