Sunday, June 10, 2012

Silver Dollar City

Well it took us three weeks after the move-in to find our camera.  Then we realized that our camera battery was dead and it took one more week to find that.  So here are the much anticipated pictures from Silver Dollar City.  As most of you probably don't know (I used to not as well), Silver Dollar City is located in the heart of Branson, MO and is a mix of rollercoaster rides, shows, and lots of good food.  McCall would go here year after year for her clogging competitions growing up and she made me promise her to take her there on our way home from Kentucky.  Our lovely sister Kelsi came eastward for my graduation (future pics to come), and helped us with packing and moving and babysitting and driving and not going mad with our children.  She was a great help so here's a shout out to her!  


 When we arrived in Silver Dollar City, I was about to head to the ticket office to buy our outlandish $60 tickets when an elderly couple stopped us, "Excuse me, do you already have tickets or are you going to buy some?'  "I'm just heading to buy some."  "Well would you like free tickets?"  "Um, Yes."  Apparently she was a season ticket holder from Alabama and had 2 extra tickets she was not going to use, she said they would look for couples with young kids every time they visited and reached out to them. So we walked to the front gate so she could get us our tickets, as we were walking another lady seeming to understand what was happening, asked if we needed anymore tickets to which we replied, "Yes, one more."  We were all elated to have walked into the park for absolutely free, to which McCall quickly told us, "See, wonderful things always happen at Silver Dollar City."
 Cute Kelsi and Emree doing their thing
 They had several shows that we went to: my favorite was a bluegrass band that was amazing.  Here McCall and I are on a train ride; our train stopped in the middle of our fun; and some train robbers tried to rob of us our much wealth.  But luckily we escaped once they realized lydia had pooped her diaper.
 Hooray for us!
 At the beginning of the day, they have a quick show as seen below, and they have all the veterans march in the flag where they sing the national anthem.
 The only ride Lydia went on, seriously.  The rides she could go on she was scared of, and the rides she wanted to go on she was an inch to short.  (An inch! Come on people)  Oh well, to make up for this, we went on the merry go round 13 times in a row, and had to peel her away as she screamed her lungs out.
 One of my favorite rides, cuz I like to get wet.
Rewind a couple a days to my graduation party.  It was held at the Churchill Downs Museum.  Aren't we so cute?

 We got our food and put them on our heavy plates, we circled around the 1st floor but every chair was taken or saved.  We headed up the second floor to which we were shewed away and spat at, finally after our wrists were clinging for their dear lives, we found a bench upon which we feasted.

 Kelsi holding on for her life, she needs a lot of practice to be a jockey.  But apparently McCall is the perfect weight and height to be a jockey.
 McCall's dear friend Mary Beth.  What a wonderful lady.  So giving and so kind.
 And some other picture just for fun.  This was all the guys at the Derby party we went to right before we left.
 And all the girls.
Moral of the blog: If you ever stop in Missouri, make sure you visit Silver Dollar City and look for old people to get in free