Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cincinnati and Funny Sunday

These pictures are totally out of order, so you'll get a mix of Funniness and Cincinnati:
About two weeks ago we headed up to Cincinnati (about an hour and a half north to us), first off we headed to the children's museum.
McCall found a random glass tank with hundreds of yummy cockroaches. Gross! I made the mistake of showing this picture to Lydia while I'm writing and she has been saying Gross! for the last ten minutes, she just can't get over how gross they are. I can't blame her though.

Funny #1: This was the after effects of the ten minute storm we had a couple weeks ago that left some people w/o electricity for a week, knocked down several trees and flooded various streets. This is a pic of us in the car trying to get out of our apartment complex.

Before church one morning. Lydia loves to jump in the front seat, for some reason she always thinks I'm going to let her drive.

Back to Cincinnati, we headed downtown to Fountain Square where they had a free band playing that was most possibly the worst band I've ever heard.

Back at the Children's Museum in Cincinnati, I thought this would be funny... you can determine that for yourselves.

In front of the Children's Museum, a great shot of downtown Cincinnati, it's really a beautiful city

Funny #2: McCall, "Hey, can you take a picture of me?" Me, "OK, why?" "Cuz I'm pretty sure I'm going into labor tonight and I want to have a picture of me at my fullest."
This was two weeks ago and still no baby...

Lydia at the zoo, styling.

Funny #3:

McCall, "Alright I'm going to go wash my face before bed."

Me, "No, I like your face, don't wash it off." (Good dad joke, Mckay will appreciate this)

McCall after pondering thoughtfully, "What if we had to draw our faces on each morning? That'd be awesome. And what if we had to draw faces on our kids until they were old enough to do it themselves."

This led to a very intense discussion on face drawing and what people would look like if they were bad artists, etc.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Funny Sundays 8-14-11!

So for the last 24 hours we have been without power thanks to a brief rain/wind storm that left many of us without electricity. Well if any of you know McCall's fettish for candles, yesterday was her dream come true.

So before we went to bed last night she had to blow out a million candles... as I lifted my head from the pillow on my bed I looked at one solitary candle on the nightstand. "Aren't you going to put that one out as well?" "Oh yeah!" she says. She grabs the candle and heads in my direction. I guess because my angle to blow was off (from laying down) she thought it was obviously a good idea to tilt the candle so I'd have better access to it. Keep in mind that these candles have been lit for a while and have built up a considerable amount of hot candle liquid. So as she tilts it the burning wax drips all over my neck and down my chest and back, oozing for what seems like eternity.

Meanwhile my brain was telling me to scream "My skin is burning!", but strangely, my nerve endings were contemplating "You know what? This definitely is not as bad as I was expecting?" That was all McCall needed to laugh for the next ten minutes, trying to apologize but failing to do so each time.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Funny Sundays

When I come home, I usually take Lydia for a walk because she loves the outdoors and hates being cooped in all day. Usually during these walks she gets running so fast that she'll trip over her sandal, a rock, etc and fall down. I try and remind her to take it easy, but to no avail.

Lately she has been carrying this ball that she is pretty fond of on our walks. On this particular day last week, she was having a tough time staying up for some reason (probably a combination of her being so excited to be outside and her attempting to catch her ball that she never manages to hold on to). She must have fallen at least 4 times. With her last fall, she wasn't too happy and I decided she had been through enough.

As she cried, I comforted her and carried her back to the apartment. I climbed up the stairs and set her down. When she saw the door she got really excited and with the ball in front of her darted full sprint at the door. At this point I was too far away to prevent what was about to happen and so I stopped, watched, and laughed as that ball ricocheted her off the door pushing her in the opposite direction and slamming her into the ground.

I think both of us were crying when we came in the door, her because of pain and me because of excess laughter.