Sunday, November 15, 2009

What were you for Halloween?
McCall was a pregnant gothic for Halloween, she's very proud of her spiders on her face.

I on the other hand stole Lexi's idea, and dressed up as a cloud with a chance of rain. I think it was the theme for the Hansen family this year. Notice my sweet crooked mustache and McCall's look of utter disgustingness (McCall's words, not mine). I think she's beautiful

Getting ready for the Doughnut contest. I was very happy just to eat a doughnut. You can see the videos at the end of the blog.

Pumpkin Carving Time!!!

As you might recall from our last blog we pick some pumpkins from Huber Farms a couple weeks ago. When we got home we put them next to our couch as decoration. The day before Halloween we decided we better carve them up, but when we went to pick up McCall's pumpkin, this is what we saw....

I told McCall that it's alright, it just takes practice to pick a good pumpkin, and that one of these days she'd be a good pumpkin picker like me.

We carved some pumpkins with some friends in our ward, Ryan and Stephanie. His looks a lot better than mine.

The missionaries asked if it was a rabit, and I said.... um yeah....! So for those of you wondering, it's a rabbit who's ears got ripped off.

J.D.'s utter domination...

McCall's petite nibbling

We made up a clogging/breakdance duo for ULSD's got talent. It was a fundraiser that our school was putting on for the pedodontic department. McCall choreographed most of it, she was the skill and I was the comical relief.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So... McCall and I headed out to Huber Farms, a huge farm situated in the fields of southern Indiana. Looks like one of those pictures on a puzzle piece, doesn't it?

What's so cool about Huber Farms you ask? Well they take you out in a tractor and dump you off in the apple field/pumpkin patch, where you can pick to your hearts content. Then you come back and pay at the register for a very reasonable price.

They also had a kiddy corn maze that turned out to be a lot more kiddy than we expected. I don't think we hit an entire wrong turn the entire way. When we got done, McCall and I decided to have a speed walk race to see who could get done the fastest. You should have seen the look on people's faces as we were pushing, yelling, and threatening each other along the way.

We found some characters after all, I was really happy.

Yay, we picked some pumpkins! But it seemed like all the pumpkins had some sort of disease, little mumps all over them.

McCall and I decided that if we were going to get some ugly pumpkins then they might as well be the ugliest pumpkins ever!

McCall was in search of the great pumpkin, but I told her that Charlie Brown moved to Utah once he found out we were moving to Kentucky.

I shouldn't have eaten those pumpkin seeds, they're caught in my throat right about now

Look! We can be a cute couple when we want to...

And that was our fabulous trip to the farm. We're going back for the strawberry pickin' in the spring/summer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

McCall at 4 months starting to pop

Myself trying to get fatter to make McCall feel better...

10 minutes later... J.D. starting to bulge.

Our First visit to the Doctor's!

We finally got to see our baby! The nurse said that the baby was sitting cross legged the entire time covering up his/her crotch so we were unable to see the gender. The baby was moving like crazy so it was hard to get a good picture, but after twenty minutes, we got a 3D image of it. McCall was confused because she didn't think she had an alien growing inside her. I explained to her that our baby won't always look that way and she stopped crying though.

The baby apparently was standing on it's head most of the ultrasound and was sticking it's little bum at the camera. We then got a cute shot of it sucking it's arm. Cute!! (as McCall would say).

Now... a look at McCall, the cutest prego my lego wifey of all time.... she's officially 16 weeks! Barely showing in this picture... (2 months)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cooking in the Oven

Well as some of you may already know, due to some unnamed sources... we received some pretty exciting news in July. Here is the step by step process of how the news was ulitmately released...

Going potty...

Waiting for the magic to do some damage..

The results say....?

So, our next step was to determine who to tell first. Now we were leaving to California where we'd see both our families the next week and we wanted to tell them in person, so we had a dilemma because we really wanted to tell someone, but you can't tell friends before family. But then we thought of our three favorite Texans (Mckay, Mckana, and Mcjaedyn) and we were pop our anxious bubble.

Next we had to to come up with a scheme on how to release the news to our family, with our masterminds at work together we came up with a masterminded resolution...

McCall's family: We decided to do a card trick and write I'm pregnant on the reverse of the cards for the finale. Papa Fisk screamed and hollered but I think the little ones were kind of confused, probably thinking about How to beat minesweeper (on the computer screen in the pic)

J.D.'s family: we decided to take pics of their rxn: I said, "Everyone say Cheese, oh and by the way..... McCall's pregnant!"

Mom was the only one to believe me, everyone else is still smiling

I think Shelby is getting it and maybe Tanner. Cassidy and Kelsi are still waiting for the pic.

Ok... Now everyone understands, the boys aren't as excited...

Lexi is content to let her older sisters celebrate and Parker is wondering why everyone is so happy.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation Time!!

The magical kindgom

Well McCall and I were able to go to California the last two weeks and we had an absolute blast! It was kind of sad though because our camera was dead for the first week with her family so we didn't get any pictures. It was my first time with the in-laws, I have to say I have never eaten so healthy in my entire life, but I kind of liked it. We had fun playing with her little brothers, going to the beach, getting free samples at Costco, and hanging out and having fun. The next week with my family was just as fun and here are some pictures below:

I wanted a picture without all the people in it because they kept on getting in the way of all the letters, so I asked a Disneyland employee if she could make an annoucement to have everyone clear out of the way, I was very surprised when she did so. Shebly and McCall got really excited when they found out that Kelsi could bounce them up in the air just by slamming her foot down on the ground really hard.

Next they had a contest to see who could touch their bum to the ground without bending their neck.

I think we only got one picture with a Disney character, probably because there were no fast passes for their massive lines. Congrats Minnie!

Entering bug's life!

Small world! McCall's favorite ride for some odd reason...

Everyone pooped out at the end of the day, but we are all thinking of Subway right about now!

Brandon and I grew out our mustaches, much to the embarrassment and
harrassment of our wives. And though they threatened not to shave their pits and legs, committed we grew on. Dad was a pansy and would shave off his goatee to join in our fun, and Tanner is just a boy still.

Getting our boogy on in California Adventure

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We dated, got engaged, and tied the not...