Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation Time!!

The magical kindgom

Well McCall and I were able to go to California the last two weeks and we had an absolute blast! It was kind of sad though because our camera was dead for the first week with her family so we didn't get any pictures. It was my first time with the in-laws, I have to say I have never eaten so healthy in my entire life, but I kind of liked it. We had fun playing with her little brothers, going to the beach, getting free samples at Costco, and hanging out and having fun. The next week with my family was just as fun and here are some pictures below:

I wanted a picture without all the people in it because they kept on getting in the way of all the letters, so I asked a Disneyland employee if she could make an annoucement to have everyone clear out of the way, I was very surprised when she did so. Shebly and McCall got really excited when they found out that Kelsi could bounce them up in the air just by slamming her foot down on the ground really hard.

Next they had a contest to see who could touch their bum to the ground without bending their neck.

I think we only got one picture with a Disney character, probably because there were no fast passes for their massive lines. Congrats Minnie!

Entering bug's life!

Small world! McCall's favorite ride for some odd reason...

Everyone pooped out at the end of the day, but we are all thinking of Subway right about now!

Brandon and I grew out our mustaches, much to the embarrassment and
harrassment of our wives. And though they threatened not to shave their pits and legs, committed we grew on. Dad was a pansy and would shave off his goatee to join in our fun, and Tanner is just a boy still.

Getting our boogy on in California Adventure


  1. You and your mustaches, AND you got Brandon to join in...NASTY! So I'm glad Dad stuck his head in one picture, I was beginning to wonder if he was actually part of the family.

  2. so glad you had such pull to get everyone to leave for your picture. It does look like Kels kicked them in the air.Aah to go back to the days of subway and bagels now those were special times.

  3. Oh sheesh I love the comments on the pictures haha. I laughed for a good ten minutes after the two jumping pictures. Too bad I have to be one of the people making a fool of myself

  4. J.D. you are soo funny, if you haven't heard that already! haha.. When did you do that? The one with on people in it? Pretty awesome! Oh wow! Those pictures and the comments with it are really funny! love it all J.D.! You make me laugh every time I come on!
    Hope McCall is feeling well! :D

  5. OH you think you are so funny don't ya?! Well I don't so there.. now what do you have to say for yourself? ;)

    How come the crew who conquered tower of terror didn't take any cool pictures.. everyone else were pansies and couldn't handle the heat, I mean seriously even mom went on it, and we didn't even capture it.

    I loved the video.. Mccall's dancing is funny, but great!

  6. ya.. ya.. I guess your pretty funny JD...okay I was laughing pretty hard. I loved that we got such cool pictures... we are a pretty cool family. :)