Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mckay's and Jaedyn's Surprise Visit

Two weeks ago, McCall and I were spending another night Saturday night together. We were expecting our old friend Emily (who is now living an hour from us) to visit us and go out to dinner with us as a gift from Makana who is one of her best friends.

So when we heard the knock at the door and opened it, we were a little perplexed to see Jaedyn standing there and McKay right behind her with a video camera. Surprise! He came to see little miss Lydia be blessed in church the following day... what an amazing surprise and what a great brother!

It was fun to have him in the circle as I blessed my little girl. He stayed about two days and he was able to visit Churchill downs (he wasn't too impressed), Slugger Museum, the Louisville

temple, the Ohio River and even ventured into Indiana. Here are some pics of all of us hanging:

Lydia never holds still for the pictures and one ended up like this, I thought it was pretty funny so I'm showing it to the world:

This is Lydia in her little blessing dress, she actually doesn't look like a man with that bow in her hair.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some more videos of Lydia. The first one is of her clogging, she's starting early and the second one is a video of her on her one month birthday. She's getting old so fast!