Sunday, September 19, 2010

Missing tooth?

Here are some of are most recent adventures... at the mall. Dates are pretty exciting when you have a kid. McCall and Lydia decided to take a ride with Arthur.

Here's Lydia's first encounter with finger food, everywhere but inside the mouth. And no it's not a piece of poo... it's an avocado.
Chief complaint: traumatic occlusion with a frozen snicker
Prognosis: Good if you live in Kentucky, terrible anywhere else
Treatment: Free but scary and unpredictable unexperienced work at the dental school

Lydia the 1% of her day when she's not crying. Jk. She loves being outstide and eats strange delights constantly.

Where is Waldo?

Well I was going to post some movies of McCall clogging but they wouldn't load, so until next time...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lydia is CRAWLING!

Lydia has been crawling these last few weeks and also sitting up all by herself. She started crawling at 5 and a half months and has been indulging herself with the pleasure of going anywhere in the house and getting into anything her little heart desires. She is also starting to pull herself up on everything she can, mostly me and jd but still.... :)