Sunday, October 30, 2011

Funny Sunday

We were able to go to our first University of Louisville football game! We were pretty excited and got all dressed up in our red Louisville gear. We still haven't figured out that it takes us an hour to get everyone ready and in the car so we showed up about an hour late to the game (which is turns out was the only good part of the game).

The game was actually quite boring, since Louisville is pretty terrible and the team they played (syracuse) was worse. But the funny sunday happened during half time:

So in case you don't know, Kentucky is number one in the U.S. for smoking (awesome thing to brag about). They don't let you go out and come back in the stadium, so people would gather around the fences of the stadium and sneak out their cigarettes. I say sneak because it's not allowed. I was wondering why all these people would hover over the fences like they were planting a bomb or something until I saw several staff members with megaphones yelling at people, "There's no smoking in the stadium! Please put your cigarettes away!" I would watch as people would pretend to put out their cigarettes only to light them quickly when the staff would turn his back. It was a pretty pathetic sight to tell you the truth. So many of them too.

But the game was fun and we would have pictures but the computers not letting me add them today so that's all!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Destin, FL

JD had fall break this last week so we thought it would be fun to spend a week down in Destin, Florida. We THOUGHT it would be fun, is the key phrase here....sigh... who knew that going on a 12 hour car ride and having two babies trying to sleep in a room with two tired adults would be somewhat hard, we just never realized how hard. Lets just say we had our patience tried on multiple multiple occasions, I will leave it at that and focus on all the fun memories we WERE able to create.
We had to include this picture of miss lydia eating her beloved goldfish. All she wanted to do 90% of the time was dig through the bag with her sandy hands and find yummy snacks. She was one hungry girl!

Can you read it? Jd started out with J plus M...and I was like.. "Oh how sweet JD, you should have J + M = L & E... Thus the work of art was created."

Family Photo! Another thing we enjoyed at the beach was getting to know those around us. People are so nice out here. We had multiple people just come up and start talking with us, telling us their life stories and getting to know ours as well. It really made me think about how I need to be a lot better with going out of my way and talking to those around me, even complete strangers.

So whenever you don't hear your child for awhile and they are being really just know they are up to no good and probably doing something they shouldn't be.. I thus realized this is true with adults as well (well maybe just with JD)...

I was just sitting there relaxing on the beach, I hadn't heard Jd for awhile and as I turned around...JD pops his head up from the sand, with a look like, " I wasn't doing anything..." How many times do you need to tell them to stop eating the sand. Jd just couldn't get enough of it I guess. Mmmm....yummy, yummy.

Oh just the famous "Dancer Pose"...and for those folk dancers out there, you know what I'm talking about. :)

So funny sunday story: We visited a little community/touristy place near the beach called Seaside. I wish we would have taken more pictures of how pretty this place was. Each house was absolutely gorgeous and I kept on wishing that Brandon was there to capture it all. So below is a picture of a beautiful door we saw on one of these incredible houses (JD actually took it because he knew Brandon would like it) and the funny thing is that one second after JD snapped this picture, a guy opened it and came out. He gave us the most awkward crusty look EVER! We were kind of like "Ope" trying to act like we weren't doing anything wierd... like taking a picture of someone's side door. (I mean who does that... sheesh).

Ok so I realized that it doesn't sound so funny written down, but I guess you just had to have been there. :)

Little miss Emree just being sweet. LoVe those chunky cheeks!

Look! JD found this sweet little Lizard!

What a wonderful view! This is what our days consisted of... I loved watching lydia just playing with her dad. Pretty sure he is her BEST friend!

Lydia got in the water only once while we were there...sad story I know, since the water was perfect for little kids. The waves were like an inch high, water was warm, and perfectly clear. She was just a little scared...

We had to capture this zoned out look that emree had.. This is what she looked like a lot of the time. Kind of in her own world.

We went to visit some Alligators at a place called Fudpuckers (I know weird name). It was a restaurant with an "Alligator Beach" attached! I thought it was a good idea to buy some of the alligator food to try and feed them, but we found out it was not a good idea, none of them would eat anything, most likely full from all the other stupid tourists wasting their money.

This represents about 20% of the alligators there. There were seriously tons of them.

It's kind of nice when Lydia cheesy smiles on demand..

Well, there you have it, over all our trip to Destin, Florida was a success! Although we may not attempt another one any time soon. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Funny Sunday 10-02-11

Catching this picture of Emree:

Lasagna on the floor anyone?
So after conference McCall wanted to make a lasagna and I was all for it. When I went to retrieve it out of the oven I realized that she had placed the casserole dish on top of a cookie sheet. Mistake #1 was when I grabbed only one mitten to retrieve the dish. Mistake #2 was the fact that I tried to lift the cookie sheet and the dish all in one instead of one at a time. And Mistake #3 was when I saw the casserole sliding off to the left I thought I could save it rather than putting in back in the oven. My wrist was not strong enough for all that weight and the lasagna continued to slide to the left, I didn't want to sacrifice my left hand burning off to steady it so there was nothing that I could do except watch it fall to the ground and shatter everywhere.
I really wanted to eat it still, but McCall convinced me not to saying I would be eating glass. During priesthood session, I had a hard time paying attention because I kept on envisioning myself eating the lasagna.

On a side note, did I ever tell you two kids 1.5 years apart is hard? We've been trying for the last 2 hours to put Emree to sleep, finally after all that time we get her to sleep. Seriously no longer than a minute of putting her down, Lydia cries bloody murder from her crib waking up Emree. It might take another hour before she goes down.