Monday, September 19, 2011

Not so funny Sunday

This is a late post, it was supposed to go up yesterday but our computer kept on shutting off.

So why not so funny? Well it wasn't funny to me, but it may be to you.

It was Monday morning, and drizzling outside. "No big deal," I thought. I headed out of the apartment towards the bus stop. About half way to the bus stop it started pouring but I knew there was no turning back now, I was almost there. I got to the bus stop and noticed an ambulance and about 3 cops cars up the street which was slowing traffic considerably. I waited patiently for 10 minutes, but it was at this point that I noticed that my tennis shoes had little vent holes which was allowing the rain free access to my socks and feet and also the water was slowly rising up my pants to where it had reached my knees.
I could see the bus in the distance and my stubborness wouldn't let me back down yet. Another 5 minutes and the bus made a right hand turn about 100 yards in front of me. "What the....? Stupid bus..."
Very upset and now 30 minutes after I started from home, I headed back in the direction I had started.
From now on, whenever it's raining outside I'm driving.

But I couldn't write a post without a cute pic of the baby right?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alright, Time to BRAG a Little...

As most of you know I just had another baby girl, Emree Ellouise, making us a busy family of 4!! (I still can't believe it) I have been trying to recover as fast as possible these last few weeks and have spent a lot of time just laying around trying to heal not doing much of anything for it goes I guess when you've just had a baby. I just can't stop thinking about what an amazing and ridiculously good looking SUPER DAD, JD is! He has been doing so much for me, our two girls, school, church, and sacrificing anything and everything to serve others through his entire day. So I just wanted to brag about Jd today and how extremely lucky I am to have him in my life!

I posted this picture, along with the first one you saw, because I wanted to brag about what an amazing dad Jd is to both our little girls. I wish you could all see how excited little miss lydia gets to see her dad come home each day. She runs to the door and screams with excitement as she gives him the biggest, longest bear hug ever! It's seriously the cutest thing to see. I love to just sit back and watch them play together as he makes all of her stuffed animals come to life. He always has new and interesting scenarios to keep her entertained along with a different made up voice for each of them. Just the other day they played dress up with her animals and she thought it was the greatest thing ever! Now why can't I think of that??

Another wonderful thing that lydia loves to do with her dad is dance! Every day he turns on some kind of catchy repetitive beat from his new electric piano and they each get their groove on. She runs and grabs her stuffed animals, hands one to dad and then dances her little heart out while holding all the other ones. I love to watch her try and mimic all the cool moves Jd does. With that kind of training, from such a professional dance teacher, she will be pro in no time.

I could honestly go on and on about all the fun things JD does with his two girls, but that would be one really long post. He always finds a way to make time to just play with his two girls and I will let you know that that means the world to them, and me.

What a handsome man! This is Jd all decked out for his leading role as one of the apostles in the play Savior of the World! They had many rehearsals and it took alot of time out of his busy school schedule to be a part of this play. I posted this picture to show that even though JD is extremely busy with school, studying for boards, tests, working with patients, lab work, AND his after school job.....big breath....He still finds the time to do missionary work. Now I'm not just talking about fulfilling his church calling as Young Mens Second Counselor, scouts and going to mutual every week. On top of all that he is always thinking of how he can share something so special to him and that is the gospel. He was a part of the play so that he could invite others to come and feel of the spirit.

He has just recently given out a Book of Mormon to a girl he met on the bus and has been taking time out of his busy week to go to discussions with her and share his testimony with her. For example he is taking a HUGE test tomorrow, boards, and took time out of his night to study yesterday to go to a discussion. I have seen him sacrifice his time in building up the kingdom of God in so many instances, it truly amazes me and sets such a wonderful example for myself and our kids. Not to mention how he wakes up extra early for his personal scripture study and then comes to wake me up so that we can then read together. He makes sure that we have Family Home Evening every week and is always remembering to pray with lydia before meals and bedtime.

I just feel so blessed to have a guy who sincerely and honestly cares so much about this gospel and knows what wonderful changes it can have in the live's of others. He has sacrificed so much of his time to serve in the church when he could of made up many excuses as to why he just didn't have the time.

Alright, so I wish we had a current family picture because we now are a family of's a big difference, really. I posted the picture below to show how much Jd truly takes care of his family. He really is the MAN of the house and makes sure everything is in order from the bills being paid, applying for future opportunities (GPR's and Jobs), keeping the house tidy and clean while I am down and out, making delicious meals, grocery shopping, allowing me to rest while he again takes the time to take care of lydia, making sure we are protected and safe at all times, takes care of internet and phone dilemmas, even down to renewing our library books and gives all of us more love and care than any other man I know.

I added the pictures below because I just couldn't end this post without bragging about how FREAKING GOOD LOOKING JD is! Am I right? Or am I right?

Well Jd, I hope you know how extremely special you are to me and how much I appreciate everything that you do for our family. I love you so much and I am so grateful for the example that you are to me and so many others. You truly are my everthing!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Emree Ellouise

On August 30, 2011 at 11:47am the world changed forever....................... at least for Lydia.

The story:
August 30th 6:40am: I wake up McCall for our daily scripture study
7:00: "I think I'm having contractions, can you wait around for awhile"
7:30: We drop off Lydia at a friends and head to the hospital
8:30: McCall's finally registered in and she's checked by the nurses, she's dilated to a 8!
9:30: McCall pleads with the nurses to tell the anesthesiologists to hurry up for the 30th time
9:45: All is peaceful, McCall has never felt so blessed in her life (epidural given)
11:40ish: ready to push
11:47: Emree is born into the world, but the spelling of her name remains in jeopardy

This is after Emree's first bath

Lydia really wasn't this happy to see her, she actually walked into the hospital looked at the baby, ignored her and went about doing her own thing. She was pretty whiny for the first couple days, because of lack of attention but is doing much better now.

I just realized that we don't have a picture of McCall and Emree which is what we really need, because McCall was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. Thanks to her I have two beautiful daughters!

Ward members have been really great, when I needed to go back to school the following week there were awesome girls in our ward that volunteered to watch Lydia for the entire day to help McCall rest. And we received some amazing meals as well. Her mom is coming in tonight which should help out a lot.