Sunday, September 11, 2011

Emree Ellouise

On August 30, 2011 at 11:47am the world changed forever....................... at least for Lydia.

The story:
August 30th 6:40am: I wake up McCall for our daily scripture study
7:00: "I think I'm having contractions, can you wait around for awhile"
7:30: We drop off Lydia at a friends and head to the hospital
8:30: McCall's finally registered in and she's checked by the nurses, she's dilated to a 8!
9:30: McCall pleads with the nurses to tell the anesthesiologists to hurry up for the 30th time
9:45: All is peaceful, McCall has never felt so blessed in her life (epidural given)
11:40ish: ready to push
11:47: Emree is born into the world, but the spelling of her name remains in jeopardy

This is after Emree's first bath

Lydia really wasn't this happy to see her, she actually walked into the hospital looked at the baby, ignored her and went about doing her own thing. She was pretty whiny for the first couple days, because of lack of attention but is doing much better now.

I just realized that we don't have a picture of McCall and Emree which is what we really need, because McCall was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. Thanks to her I have two beautiful daughters!

Ward members have been really great, when I needed to go back to school the following week there were awesome girls in our ward that volunteered to watch Lydia for the entire day to help McCall rest. And we received some amazing meals as well. Her mom is coming in tonight which should help out a lot.


  1. Emree oh how long to meet you!! She is so cute and she's got some dark hair. Such fun cute pictures. Happy to know you guys have been taken care of so far away. :)

  2. So why was the spelling of her name in jeopardy? Glad everything went well. That sure is a cute pic of the two girls.

  3. She is so adorable!! Lydia will be a wonderful big sister and you guys are such great parents!!

  4. Congratulations! She is beautiful!!

  5. Love the middle name!!! We spell our little girl's Eloise. Ya, I agree with McKay... why was the spelling of her name in jeapordy?
    They sure are cute girls. You got some great pictures!! Congrats you guys!!!

  6. All I can say is that is one good-looking shirt you have on JD. So glad you decided to keep it. Actually your baby is adorable. She really does look alot like you JD. Yes we do need pictures of McCall. You are a trooper. So happy for you guys and like Mckay said that picture of the girls is cute. Lydia sure is growing up and gets cuter everyday. And did I tell you Emree is beautiful.

  7. Oh she is BEAUTIFUL! COngrats you guys! I love that you have 2 darling little girls. She looks a lot like Lydia to me. How fun! Way to go McCall, you are amazing, I can't believe how fast it all happened. I hope that you are all adjusting well to life of a family of 4. Good luck! Keep the pictures coming!! Love you guys!

  8. love the play by play and all the details. I am so glad she is here and everyone is doing well. LOVE the name and spelling!

  9. She is a hansen! haha I love the details too and I'm so glad that everything went well! You guys are sure a beautiful family!