Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Fall Yal!

Wheeler Farm!
Sorry for the double take here...but this not THE COOLEST chicken you have ever seen? I just couldn't get enough of that "Do". One of my highlights of the year, for sure. :)

  JD climbed this tree stump all by himself! Hurray for not getting hurt while doing so.

Me and JD got the wonderful chance to go camping with some friends from his residency a little while back......and would I add....without the kiddos! (Thank you!) We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon and were able to snatch the last campsite available that night. It was absolutely gorgeous up there and I personally had an epic blast with my hubby!

We have had the fun opportunity, since being back in Utah, to go to BYU Football Games! It brings back so many memories of being in college again and getting to go with awesome family members makes it that much better. Not to mention I love going the the tailgating parties and getting lots of free stuff!

Childrens Museum in Salt Lake City!
Once a year we are wonderfully surprised with the fact that it's already free museum day again! So naturally we take the girlies to one of the biggest and bestest museums ever! The girls loved the museum and all the things they could do there. I would have to say that emree's favorite part was the miniature black piano she got to play, and lydia's would have to be the make believe grocery store! I was pretty excited myself about that as was really cool! :) 

Carving Pumpkins with Cousins!
We had such a fun time carving our pumpkins this year with our wonderful cousins, Ann, Bryndon and Avery. Decorating Halloween cookies and eating yummy ice cream I believe was Lydia's favorite part of the night.

Those were just a couple things that we have been up to lately. I love this time of year with all the fun activities and memories we get to make as a family.