Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gatlinburg, TN...Fall Break!

Gatlinburg was so much fun! We stayed in this really nice 3 story cabin up in the mtns with a bunch of our really good friends and had an absolute blast. Now can I just say that this cabin was incredible! It had a movie theater, hot tub, pool table, air hockey, arcade games, poker table... that we didn't use... :) a king sized bed and individual bathroom for each of the 5 bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen and living room... sigh.. It was awesome.

Now for our day and a half in Gatlinburg (since I had to get back to work) we went on two beautiful hikes. Our first was to this waterfall that wasn't very big... the pathway was it didn't really feel like a real hike, but it was still really pretty. So for our second hike we decided to take on one of the more difficult hikes they had to offer... Chimney Top.... dun dun dun.... Ok, so we were actually going to go on an easier trail but our car didn't end up making it up the mtn side.. .because yes... i forgot to get the oil changed and our car started smoking. SO....... we went back down the mtn after letting it cool off a bit and passed by this trail. It was gorgeous!

The trail head said it would take about 3 hrs round trip, and we didn't want to stay out that long so we thought we would just hike really fast. It was basically all up hill and we did it in 2 hrs! With a baby! It was really fun and hopefully you can see from the pictures we took how steep it actually was. :)

Here is JD hiking up the last cliff to the very tip top of an Appalachian Mtn.. Yes.....sigh... with our child strapped to his back. He actually got chastised by an older lady on his way down for taking lydia so far up... It was actually alot harder to climb that thing than it looks because the rocks were blazing hot to the touch. Yikes!

Can you find ME??

Lydia loved splashing in the water!

Who's that good lookin fella?

We visited the titanic as well..

Hmmm... perhaps the construction workers had their blue plans upside down?

HAHAHAA!!! So we were driving through the town and passed this clever contraption. Drive Thru Ceremony~!!! Now why didn't I think of that. Perfect! :) Oh and for your info we had to give it a try... as soon as we pulled up, a guy popped his head out and said, "Hey you guys wanna get married?" Totally caught off guard by his rapid appearance, the first thing that popped into JD's mind was, "Sure!" So we got married for a second time, only $98. Jk, JD told him we'd think about it.