Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was fun this year.  Lydia was so excited about trick or treating and would talk about it every day, and now that it's over she asked for a treat from her Halloween candy every 10 minutes.  Lydia was 'tangled', we found a pretty purple dress at Savers, and McCall couldn't resist putting makeup on her.  Lydia couldn't stop staring at herself when she had that makeup on, it may mean trouble in the future.
 We were excited we didn't have too lame of a costume this year.  Nonetheless I had to educate a few people on who we were at our ward halloween party.  We didn't get a good picture of Emree but she was a dragon and everyone thought she was a boy.  Lydia screamed bloody murder when I took her treat away from her during the party.  Everyone looked at me like I was an evil parent, but I felt justified considering she had eaten no dinner, one cookie covered in frosting, a doughnut and a half, dozen skittles, a couple more candies.
 The blue hair was way too much for us that night and we went home with headaches because of the strong smell, so we decided to switch it up for Halloween night and the Halloween party with friends.  It just gave me another excuse to wear my sweet red pants.  Lydia and Emree were awesome trick or treaters, they only grabbed the chocolate unless there was none to be found, and they were so cute that most people would tell them to take 2 or 3, score for us.
 Emree being cute some time ago