Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lydia is ONE!

I can't believe my little girl is already one year old! To think that about one year ago we were bringing her home from the hospital just blows my mind. She has already learned so much and has her own little personality. I just want to share with you some of my favorite things about my cute girl: She has the most amazing pot belly, taking after her dad. I think McCall and I forget how big it is, because we chuckle every time we take her shirt off. (Pic doesn't do it justice) She loves to point at everything and anything, especially dogs. She has a cute immitation bark for a dog.

She LOVES, loves, loves going outside! It was our biggest mistake as parents to introduce her to the outside and to teach her the sign for bye bye because she must sign it about a 100 times a day.

She still acts like her carseat is the torture chair but usually does ok when mom just holds her hand (literally, if you take the hand away its screaming and gnashing of teeth). You can also notice her scab on her forehead that she suffered when she tripped herself and skid on the cement.
This picture brings out 2 things: One is that she has had a hard time growing her teeth (she only has 4 to this point), but they are pretty cute and she has a smile that melts McCalls heart. Two is that she soaks all her clothes in drool (I think she gets so concentrated with things she wants to do that she forgets to swallow) One of my favorite things is that Lydia loves her books. If I tell her to get one of her books she squeals with joy, picks up the book and comes to sit in my lap. I think it's because I bring the books to life and she lives in a short lived fantasy world. You can also see from this pic her bruise that she suffered by falling on an exhaust pipe in the parking lot (she's had many injuries)

I love playing stuffed animals with Lydia when I come home and bring them to life for her. I love playing dog and chasing her around the house. I love how when you tell her no with a stern face she just gets a huge smile on her face and keeps on doing it. I love her fake laugh that she has perfected. I love when I lie down on the carpet she comes over and gives me big ol slobbery open wide kisses. I love when I try to shut the fridge I can't because I realize that Lydia has somehow snuck in there.

I could go on and on, but basically what I'm saying is.. I love this little girl.