Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cincinnati and Funny Sunday

These pictures are totally out of order, so you'll get a mix of Funniness and Cincinnati:
About two weeks ago we headed up to Cincinnati (about an hour and a half north to us), first off we headed to the children's museum.
McCall found a random glass tank with hundreds of yummy cockroaches. Gross! I made the mistake of showing this picture to Lydia while I'm writing and she has been saying Gross! for the last ten minutes, she just can't get over how gross they are. I can't blame her though.

Funny #1: This was the after effects of the ten minute storm we had a couple weeks ago that left some people w/o electricity for a week, knocked down several trees and flooded various streets. This is a pic of us in the car trying to get out of our apartment complex.

Before church one morning. Lydia loves to jump in the front seat, for some reason she always thinks I'm going to let her drive.

Back to Cincinnati, we headed downtown to Fountain Square where they had a free band playing that was most possibly the worst band I've ever heard.

Back at the Children's Museum in Cincinnati, I thought this would be funny... you can determine that for yourselves.

In front of the Children's Museum, a great shot of downtown Cincinnati, it's really a beautiful city

Funny #2: McCall, "Hey, can you take a picture of me?" Me, "OK, why?" "Cuz I'm pretty sure I'm going into labor tonight and I want to have a picture of me at my fullest."
This was two weeks ago and still no baby...

Lydia at the zoo, styling.

Funny #3:

McCall, "Alright I'm going to go wash my face before bed."

Me, "No, I like your face, don't wash it off." (Good dad joke, Mckay will appreciate this)

McCall after pondering thoughtfully, "What if we had to draw our faces on each morning? That'd be awesome. And what if we had to draw faces on our kids until they were old enough to do it themselves."

This led to a very intense discussion on face drawing and what people would look like if they were bad artists, etc.


  1. I'll have to admit that last funny killed me! haha oh McCall and JD you are just hilarious! Pretty sure your children are just going to be as well. And you guys need to stop posting pictures with bugs in them. Seriously my weak stomach can't handle it. I have to put a hand over the picture so u can continue to read. But other than that great post!

  2. What's the big deal about cockroaches? Makana loves them and we keep several as pets. We just catch them as soon as they come through the tub drain and then put them in our own glass jar. Oh and old man jokes never get old.

  3. I can't believe how much it flooded. that is crazy. The last had me laughing for a good ten minutes. I was picturing McCall drawing Jds face and it being all sorts of bright colors. haha And McCall you are so cute I love your belly. You should be popping soon and I can't wait for you!!

  4. wow what a storm you must have had that is crazy. You look just like a little boy in that car why did you have to grow up and move away. McCall hang in there. Hope she comes soon and Lydia you are styling!!!!!

  5. Agreed. The last Funny was awesome and then I kept imagining painting on faces! And you can't beat the mid-west storms. For the record I can not stand those little buggers. They totally gross me out. So nasty. Nice shout ot for McKay with the Dad joke. And sorry you are still prgo McCall. At least you look darling!

  6. Oh hey a baby has popped out now! I hope you got a picture before. Can't believe that there was that much rain after that short of time. And I think that picture of you in the little car is pretty funny.