Sunday, October 16, 2011

Destin, FL

JD had fall break this last week so we thought it would be fun to spend a week down in Destin, Florida. We THOUGHT it would be fun, is the key phrase here....sigh... who knew that going on a 12 hour car ride and having two babies trying to sleep in a room with two tired adults would be somewhat hard, we just never realized how hard. Lets just say we had our patience tried on multiple multiple occasions, I will leave it at that and focus on all the fun memories we WERE able to create.
We had to include this picture of miss lydia eating her beloved goldfish. All she wanted to do 90% of the time was dig through the bag with her sandy hands and find yummy snacks. She was one hungry girl!

Can you read it? Jd started out with J plus M...and I was like.. "Oh how sweet JD, you should have J + M = L & E... Thus the work of art was created."

Family Photo! Another thing we enjoyed at the beach was getting to know those around us. People are so nice out here. We had multiple people just come up and start talking with us, telling us their life stories and getting to know ours as well. It really made me think about how I need to be a lot better with going out of my way and talking to those around me, even complete strangers.

So whenever you don't hear your child for awhile and they are being really just know they are up to no good and probably doing something they shouldn't be.. I thus realized this is true with adults as well (well maybe just with JD)...

I was just sitting there relaxing on the beach, I hadn't heard Jd for awhile and as I turned around...JD pops his head up from the sand, with a look like, " I wasn't doing anything..." How many times do you need to tell them to stop eating the sand. Jd just couldn't get enough of it I guess. Mmmm....yummy, yummy.

Oh just the famous "Dancer Pose"...and for those folk dancers out there, you know what I'm talking about. :)

So funny sunday story: We visited a little community/touristy place near the beach called Seaside. I wish we would have taken more pictures of how pretty this place was. Each house was absolutely gorgeous and I kept on wishing that Brandon was there to capture it all. So below is a picture of a beautiful door we saw on one of these incredible houses (JD actually took it because he knew Brandon would like it) and the funny thing is that one second after JD snapped this picture, a guy opened it and came out. He gave us the most awkward crusty look EVER! We were kind of like "Ope" trying to act like we weren't doing anything wierd... like taking a picture of someone's side door. (I mean who does that... sheesh).

Ok so I realized that it doesn't sound so funny written down, but I guess you just had to have been there. :)

Little miss Emree just being sweet. LoVe those chunky cheeks!

Look! JD found this sweet little Lizard!

What a wonderful view! This is what our days consisted of... I loved watching lydia just playing with her dad. Pretty sure he is her BEST friend!

Lydia got in the water only once while we were there...sad story I know, since the water was perfect for little kids. The waves were like an inch high, water was warm, and perfectly clear. She was just a little scared...

We had to capture this zoned out look that emree had.. This is what she looked like a lot of the time. Kind of in her own world.

We went to visit some Alligators at a place called Fudpuckers (I know weird name). It was a restaurant with an "Alligator Beach" attached! I thought it was a good idea to buy some of the alligator food to try and feed them, but we found out it was not a good idea, none of them would eat anything, most likely full from all the other stupid tourists wasting their money.

This represents about 20% of the alligators there. There were seriously tons of them.

It's kind of nice when Lydia cheesy smiles on demand..

Well, there you have it, over all our trip to Destin, Florida was a success! Although we may not attempt another one any time soon. :)


  1. Despite all the hard times you guys had it sure looked like you guys had fun. I was quite happy to see the full family picture. And can I just say how much I love the little ponytail Lydia rocks? Can't get enough of that and her little boardshorts.

  2. I can't imagine taking 2 babes on a long trip, but it does look like it was worth it! What a beautiful beach!

    It must be trips like this that make you appreciate your parents for all the fun outings you remember as a kid...because realistically they probably weren't so fun for the parents (:

    Your girls are adorable!

  3. Oh wow!! The beach looked perfect. The sand, clear water and the sky looked beautiful and peaceful. *sigh* how wonderful. I love your dancer pose McCall, very impressive, and the sandy face JD was hilarious!! What a fun family you guys have!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You guys are always having so much fun and going on such neat adventures. I wish we could go on adventures with you guys. I'm so impressed with you're guys positive attitude and making a might be horrible trip into a Fun exciting memory. I love all the pics and stories to go along with them. I cracked up about the when everything is quiet mischief is about w/kids but also w/JD. Emree has the cutest cheeks. That is pretty awesome door, I'm glad you got a pic of it. I want to paint my doors like that. I love all the pics.

  5. We wished we could have tagged along! Gotta give us more notice next time :)
    It looks so pretty there and I am super impressed with the dancing pose. I think you should do that everywhere you go. Seriously.
    And JD.. why oh why were you eating sand? :)

  6. You are a good writer McCall. And I did laugh at what happened when you took a pic of the door.You know I really think taking pictures for vacations makes it look like you had fun and you forget all the bad. At least I know all my kids did. If they were older they'd say what a great trip it was. Wonderful pictures. It looked like alot of fun. Love the pic of Lydia in the hotdog.Ooh alligators!

  7. Love you Madam McCall. And of course the shout out to your fellow dance friends. ;-) Enjoy the moments!!!

  8. What sweet little girls you have and what a fun trip!

  9. Hey guys so my wife commented on your cute babies which I have to completely agree, But JD you are looking pretty fit my man. Just thought you should know ha ha

  10. Oh.... I loved the pictures Mccall!! And the stories were hilarious, I was laughing through that entire thing! I loved that you thought of Brandon, that makes him feel good :) We both appreciate that door tons, love it! And i laughed pretty good about that man walking out, its happened to me quite a few times so I laughed pretty hard. Love the dancer pose- you are gorgeous! Love you guys.