Sunday, October 25, 2009

So... McCall and I headed out to Huber Farms, a huge farm situated in the fields of southern Indiana. Looks like one of those pictures on a puzzle piece, doesn't it?

What's so cool about Huber Farms you ask? Well they take you out in a tractor and dump you off in the apple field/pumpkin patch, where you can pick to your hearts content. Then you come back and pay at the register for a very reasonable price.

They also had a kiddy corn maze that turned out to be a lot more kiddy than we expected. I don't think we hit an entire wrong turn the entire way. When we got done, McCall and I decided to have a speed walk race to see who could get done the fastest. You should have seen the look on people's faces as we were pushing, yelling, and threatening each other along the way.

We found some characters after all, I was really happy.

Yay, we picked some pumpkins! But it seemed like all the pumpkins had some sort of disease, little mumps all over them.

McCall and I decided that if we were going to get some ugly pumpkins then they might as well be the ugliest pumpkins ever!

McCall was in search of the great pumpkin, but I told her that Charlie Brown moved to Utah once he found out we were moving to Kentucky.

I shouldn't have eaten those pumpkin seeds, they're caught in my throat right about now

Look! We can be a cute couple when we want to...

And that was our fabulous trip to the farm. We're going back for the strawberry pickin' in the spring/summer.


  1. Indiana? How close is that to you? You are right though, those are the most hideous pumpkins I've seen.

  2. Oh it's about a 15 minute drive, just over the Ohio river and you're there

  3. Haha oh man you make me laugh. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun and I believe McCall gets the prize for the ugliest pumpkin. That thing is hideous.

  4. I agree with Kelsi that thing is pretty gross... and hopefully McCall won the speedwalk race haha!

  5. You two are so cute!!!! :) LOVE you McCally.

  6. What a beautiful place!!! I can't believe its only 15 min. away. Pretty funny that the corn maze was really like a walk in the cornfield since there was no maze. You still look so tiny McCall!

  7. I didn't see the comment you posted about my dog until TODAY! You're crazy... of course your baby is going to be so much cuter than my little Jackson! :) Now when I have a baby...that's a different story. You know half asian babies are always ADORABLE! :P

  8. Wow that is a beautiful place.. what bundles of fun! You guys are silly I love reading your blogs, they sure bring a smile to my face and even maybe a chuckle or two. :)

  9. Fun!! Those pumpkins are awesome!! But way odd..