Sunday, November 15, 2009

What were you for Halloween?
McCall was a pregnant gothic for Halloween, she's very proud of her spiders on her face.

I on the other hand stole Lexi's idea, and dressed up as a cloud with a chance of rain. I think it was the theme for the Hansen family this year. Notice my sweet crooked mustache and McCall's look of utter disgustingness (McCall's words, not mine). I think she's beautiful

Getting ready for the Doughnut contest. I was very happy just to eat a doughnut. You can see the videos at the end of the blog.

Pumpkin Carving Time!!!

As you might recall from our last blog we pick some pumpkins from Huber Farms a couple weeks ago. When we got home we put them next to our couch as decoration. The day before Halloween we decided we better carve them up, but when we went to pick up McCall's pumpkin, this is what we saw....

I told McCall that it's alright, it just takes practice to pick a good pumpkin, and that one of these days she'd be a good pumpkin picker like me.

We carved some pumpkins with some friends in our ward, Ryan and Stephanie. His looks a lot better than mine.

The missionaries asked if it was a rabit, and I said.... um yeah....! So for those of you wondering, it's a rabbit who's ears got ripped off.

J.D.'s utter domination...

McCall's petite nibbling

We made up a clogging/breakdance duo for ULSD's got talent. It was a fundraiser that our school was putting on for the pedodontic department. McCall choreographed most of it, she was the skill and I was the comical relief.


  1. You guys are amazing dancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I coulda been there! I love watching you dance. McCall - fabulous spiders and the look of death ... oooohhhh totally love it. :) JD - cloudy with a chance of rain .... bahahahahahaha ... love the muse-tash of crookidy. I was just thinking that it will be awesome when your kids grow up and can read this blog and watch all the movies of all the craziness you guys do and think ... wow are these OUR parents? lol. It'll be fantastic! Love. the rabbit pumpkin and McCall, JD's right, someday... Love you both TONS! Keep blogging, I completely adore it. :)

  2. JD, why does your cloud have a mustache? And you think that after all that dental school practice you would be able to make better teeth...
    McCall I'm glad I'm related to such an uber-talented dancer, between you, JD, Brandon, and Shelby the Hansen family is ready to take the entertainment industry by storm.

  3. Ha! That was pretty funny. Nice customes and nice pumpkins. And you do look good McCall. Hello... you are carrying a baby!!

  4. That looks like sooo much fun guys!!! Eww.. your pumpkin is all warty!! A warty Rabbit! Haha.. everyone took that idea!! :P It's a good one though! Did you get to spray a lot of people!
    Ha-ha nice job on the Doughnut eating contest!!

  5. Wow this was such a great post I loved it! Your costumes were great I loved them!
    And the donut contest was really entertaining to watch haha I love how McCall says sorry to the girl next to her, it was so cute.
    I loved that dance that was so dang cute, McCall I wish I could clog like you that so great and JD wow I was impressed I didn't know you could breakdance so well... :) I'm proud to call you my brother and sister.

  6. Your costume was awesome Jd but I'm with Mckay, why the mustache? McCall you look way cute in your costume and still cute as ever pregnant.
    I loved the clogging McCall you are amazing as always and that was great to have the comic relief JD. Everytime I see the donut game it reminds me of Lacey our bunny on its hind legs eating with the group of cousins. I miss that bunny. Good job on your pumkin carving - what talent!

  7. Well i posted a comment last week, but obviously it didn't work so I'll have to rewrite it again. hmmph. McCall wow you look pretty creepy in your costume, if I saw you in person I'd be a little nervous. ha (which is compliment because gothics look creepy) well done. JD you remind me of Mario who got stuck in a cloud.. haha :) When I first saw your pumpkin I thought it was a bunny, but up closer it gave me a fright. Pretty hideous. I loved the dance. I wish I could have been there to see it personally. You guys are both very talented you should dance together more often!! :)

  8. Hey I posted a comment as well and it didn't show! Well I love both the costumes and I have to say JD that might be one of the coolest pumpkins I have ever seen. McCall I loved the dance you are absolutely amazing. And your petite nibbling at the donut was fun to watch. JD I never knew you could breakdance. Will you teach me?

  9. To all who posed the question about the mustache... I was a Mexican cloud. No really, McCall just had an extra mustache lying around and I thought it would compliment my costume nicely.

  10. Don't you think it's about time for a new post? I promise I'll read it :) It's about all I do these days anyways... Miss you two!!