Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to McCall!

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet wife:

McCall is the best wife and mom a man could ask for. She always has a smile on her face or something funny to say. She thinks of others before herself probably 95% of the time (compared to the rest of us down at 10%). She's a hot momma. I love her a lot, hope she had a grand birthday even though it was on Sunday.

Some enjoyable videos:

First time Lydia has fallen asleep in her high chair, she must have been really tired...

McCall and I went to a Valentine's Stake Dance, where we tore up the dance floor. The theme was 50's, so I slicked back my hair and work jeans and a white shirt and McCall wore her immitation poodle skirt.

Homemade cheescake, it doesn't look so good from this picture but it was delicious. You're probably asking yourself why is it in glassware instead of a pie pan. Well that's the secret ingredient my friends.


  1. Happy Birthday McCall! Great singing JD. I think it was too good for a Hansen birthday song. The cheesecake looks yummy. I'm very impressed. Homemade? Cool. Lydia sounded a bit like Thumper saying Happy Birthday and she must have been tired to sleep instead of eat. Great pictures of you guys at the dance.

  2. Happy Birthday McCall you are right JD everything you said about McCall is so true. But you'll have to tell us why its the secret ingredient. I've never made cheescake before but it sounds good! And you two at the dance are super cute!!

  3. JD I liked this rendition of the Happy bday song. Lydia sounds like gus gus i think. Such a cute family. Did JD make the cheesecake? impressive. You'll have to share the recipe.

  4. Happy birthday McCall!! You are truly amazing and I just love you. Watching you guys sing cracked me up. Lydia somehow managing to stay upright even with her huge belly, and little Emree just chillin' on her seat. What a cute family you guys have. And that cheesecake looks divine. I hope you'll be making some of that for me on my birthday.

  5. Also you guys looked smoking hot at the dance. Bet everyone else was jealous.