Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Funny Sunday and Flower Headbands!

Ok, so this blog is being really stubborn right now and not letting me delete certain pictures, or write where I would like to. SO instead of getting too frustrated and not ever blogging I'm just going to finish...even if it is frustrating on my end. So sorry this isn't's my crazy computer. (This is why I don't blog as much as I would like...because it never works when I do it...sigh...anyways.. ):)
I would like to start by giving updates about sweet Emree.
She is getting so big lately...literally. She is still in the 97% for weight and heighth weighing in at 19lbs 9.5 ounces
She has the most kissable cheeks ever!
She loves her food. She sits in her bumbo and while tapping her one leg up and down, holds her mouth wide open even if I don't have a bite ready for her. So cute!
She is now rolling all over the place and eventually gets where she wants to go.
She pushes herself up on all four but doesn't quite know what to do from there...she ends up just scooting herself backwards.

She absolutely LOVES her older sister! She giggles and squeals whenever lydia gets all up in her face and talks to her. I can tell these two will be the best of friends already.
Emree is always so happy and is such a calm, sweet baby.
She has lots of smiles for everyone and is growing up way too fast if you ask me.

Lydia experienced snow for the first time these last few days. She abviously loved it and was getting frustrated that her hands would get so cold.
I loved how in one day the snow had melted away and when lydia woke up she wouldn't stop saying. "Where iiih go?" I tried explaining to her that snow melts when the sun comes out...but I don't think she quite understood yet.

HEADBANDS! So I have finally made some headbands for my girls and wanted to share some I have made. I figured after the second girl that we should have some cute bows to go along with their outfits. Sorry lydia for not making these sooner. :)

I saw this idea on's an oatmeal can turned into a headband holder.
I just covered it with cloth and it turned out pretty cute if you ask me, you can even put more bows and clips inside for more storage space.

Here is cute lydia modeling my headbands....oh.. and I made two of each one so that lydia and emree could match. I would have given emree a photoshoot too.. she was asleep though...maybe next time. :)

On another note, Lydia will be 2 Years old this friday! March 9th is the big day! I can't believe I have a toddler already. I am throwing her a "ladybug" themed birthday party in a couple of weeks and had found this cute idea for invites! I think they turned out pretty cute. :)

Pics of party coming soon! :)
I know this is kind of late, but I wanted to also post a little about Valentines Day.
Jd woke up early and made me a wonderful breakfast! We had blueberry waffles, English muffins with eggs and sausage, juice and fruit! It was delicious! He wrote me a beautiful card and gave me a bouquet of gorgeous flowers! (I'm sad I didn't get a picture of them before they died...)
These following pics are of a felt flower bouquet that I made JD. Me and a good friend of mine were going to surprise our husbands that day by showing up at school and dropping off our gifts and treats...Long story short though I burned my hand pretty bad and she ended up just dropping it off for me.
But here are pieces of the bouquet that once was... since Valentines Day our girls have been slowly plucking the flowers off. It looked pretty neat when it was one piece...but here it is never the less.
(He said he was pretty embarressed carrying it around all day with him at school.)
Mwa haha ha ha.

Oh I wanted to share one more story...sorry this is so long.
Lately Lydia has been loving church! Well, nursery that is. She talks about the "Toys" at church all morning and the whole way there. She has learned that when we say Amen at the end of prayers that that means she gets to finally go to Nursery.
Ha, it was cute because all through sacrament meeting whenever she heard the word "amen" she would perk right up and say, "Toys! Toys!" she would immediately start making her way out of the aisle.
It didn't quite help that it was fast and testimony meeting and we heard that word all through the hour.


  1. Haha McCall that last story cracked me up. I love it. And those are really cute headbands!! You're so talented. I love all the crafts that you are doing. I can't wait to get to know Emree and Lydia better. They are so cute!

  2. I know what you mean about trying to blog and it not working for you.. happens to me too. i cant believe lydia is going to be 2! where has the time gone. Love love the headbands, you should really sell them on ebay:) i love the holder too, so creative. I cant wait to meet little emree soon.

  3. Whatever! We are so alike! Jaeds 2nd birthday was a lady bug theme too! Love the invites and the bow holder and headbands and... I think you should make jaedyn some bc this mamma is seriously slacking in the bow area.
    Boo that that blogger is not working. I totally feel ya on the frusterating thing but way to endure to the end :)
    So I didn't know you are on pintrest. You should friend me.

  4. wow so much to say back to you! I can't believe all those things about Emree!! Ican't believe she weighs 19 pounds, daxton is still a wopin 22 pounds and he's 20 months old! Sheesh. But she is adorable! I love love your headbands! What cute colors and ways you did them. I love the Valentines idea so cute and I'm glad you embarrassed JD haha. And that last story had me laughing super cute what these toddlers do. AND speaking of toddlers you're going to have 2 year old! Thats crazy!! Can't wait to see pics from the party!

  5. Wow McCall I love all those bows and thats a great idea to put them in the oatmeal container so that it serves two purposes. I have no idea how you made some of them.I'm glad I'm not the only one to have a hard time blogging but your post was perfect, it's mine that doesn't fit with the pictures. I beg the kids to do mine because they can do it in two seconds. I love how big Emree is and that they love each other. I really believe that having two kids close together is much easier in the long run. Pretty soon you'll be a free woman. Love the bouquet you made JD. I burned my hand like that and it's not fun. Sorry to hear that. Cute pictures of the kids can't believe how fast they are growing up.

  6. So super talented McCall. Im surprised you got Lydia to sit through the photo shoot, you must have bribed her with "toys!" I was loling at that last story