Sunday, March 11, 2012

I can HARDLY STAND to write this post!

Oh my goodness. I feel sick... I can hardly write this post without being utterly disgusted and freaked out!
Below is the nasty creature I found on Lydia's bedroom wall!
One thing I have never been to fond about out here in Kentucky is the life size bugs they have!
They freak me out. Ok, so I already have a fear of spiders..but I can eventually smash, vacuum or get them out of my sight sooner than later.
When I saw this I just about DIED!
I literally started wimpering and sweating bullets. I didn't know how in the world I was going to get rid of this incredibly ugly thing.
On the other hand I had NO IDEA what it was???!!
So not knowing what it was or if it was poisonous (spelling?) or not made the situation that much more scary.
It was huge and had a million disgusting spider legs, having the ones closest to it's ends a lot larger and bulkier than the rest..yuck yuck yuck!
The worst part though is when I was trying to come at it with a cup it sprang up on all legs and curled itself up like a hissing scorpion!
So I realized I had to call in reinforcements because there was NO WAY I was going to be able to get this monster withough completetly losing it.
Longer story short, two of my really good friends, lauren and Cherie, that fortunately don't live that far from me came over in an instant and helped calm my nerves. Although one said it looked like a brown recluse (spelling?) !! Ya, that was not great news to hear.
In the end one of the maintenance workers for our apartment had to come get it and thank goodness he did because I'm sure it would've taken us quite awhile to get up the courage to kill that thing.
Sorry for the pics of this nasty thing, I can't even look at them or else I start freaking out. Oh and the guy said it was a millipede and that it was not poisonous...I don't know about you but I hope I never encounter a millipede again if that's what they look like. Sheesh!
I also have to add that Cherie stayed after and helped me move furniture and vacuum every corner of lydia's room, just to put my mind at rest that there would not be another creature hiding in her room, poor girl. I just feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends who are there for me, even if it is just a giant, disgusting, hissing nasty millipede.

To end on a lighter note though, here is sweet lydia eating her "juthes" as she calls it. We love to make green smoothies and lydia absolutely loves them!


  1. That's hilarious - you women and your fear of critters always cracks me up! The women at my office are the same way whenever a rodent/large bug is in the office. It is actually just a house centipede:
    Remember, spiders have only 8 legs and two body parts - definitely not a brown recluse.

  2. Hey it's not women Mckay. You were the same way. And did you read Tan's last letter he was screaming like a girl trying to smash his bug and his comp wouldn't help. It was always ME that had to kill the bugs in the family. Man, McCall that thing is creepy! Aggh. I don't think I could have done that either. I've never seen something like that before. Ohh and that picture of Lydia is adorable. Green shakes. You need to make me one when you come. Looks, um tempting?

  3. Um hi McKay did you see the size of that thing? I mean, yes I would have known what it was, but that doesn't make it any more disgusting. I gagged looking at the pictures. I'll have to ask Makana if you really are the one who does all the bug killing. The brown recluse thing did crack me up. And the shakes do look delicious. Do you put spinach in them?

  4. All the talk about the centipede... did you even notice the spider on the wall right next to it?... (Daniel) McCall you are hilarious. However I would be doing the exact same thing not knowing what to do. But I would have to kill cuz if Daniel took care of it he would just let it free outside so it could come back into our house again. haha.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The best part about reading this post is that when I first saw a freaky millipede I was with Josh and he screamed like a girl while I went closer to check it out. :) Thankfully we've only had two or three in the house that I had to kill...especially since they are fast! Good luck next time you see one.