Sunday, February 12, 2012

Funny Sunday 2-12-12

1. I was watching an Apple commercial and I asked McCall who was in the kitchen, "What's the name of the guy who invented apple again?" She replied, "The guy who invented the apple?" Me, "Wasn't his name..." McCall interrupting, "You mean Jonny Appleseed?" I had a tough time recovering from that one.

2. So Mom, you will be glad to know that I brought out those trolls that you collected for me growing up and even happier to know that Lydia loves them. There's probably about 40 trolls in all, with each styling their own outfit. Lydia quickly held up the troll dressed up for Halloween with a trick or treat bag and said, "Chick a Cheat." Apparently that holiday has stuck out better than most.

3. Every time I change Lydia's nasty diapers I have to hold my breath and mutter gross, or say You Stink Girl! a couple times. Well this girl has learned quickly because before I can spit out my gross, you stink routine she says... "Ewww Dross... haha tinky, tinky, I tink haha, " and she really does giggle the whole time as if it's giving her so much pleasure.

And this cute picture... McCall made cute matching bows for the girlies.


  1. That's probably my favorite picture of Miss Lydia so far...

  2. Oh McCall that was hilarious!
    Yea, so glad we didn't lose the trolls. I bet she does love them. I always loved finding a unique one to give you.
    I guess potty training is coming soon. Ha! It's funny she says that and giggles. She's turning out to be like you getting pleasure out of someones pain. Ha!
    Such a cute picture and McCall those bows are darling!

  3. haha that last one got me. Thats pretty funny, I wonder if daxton will catch on to it as well as I plug my nose and eww.. Stinky.
    ps the picture IS adorable.

  4. Oh those were all so funny.. McCall you crack me up. And I can't wait to see miss lydia again, such a character and adorable little girl. I love that picture of them two and great work on the bows McCall

  5. Those 2 girls are ADORABLE! I love the matching headbands. We need to get together before you guys move!

  6. hahahahahaha that's all I've got to say. You crack me up j.d. i loved this post (: haha