Sunday, March 24, 2013

The latest

Lately this is how Emree eats, she stuffs everything she can into her mouth and waits for it to dissolve in her mouth.  Or, like today in sacrament meeting, she stuffed an entire slice of bread in her mouth, her mouth got tired and she handed me the soggy remains.  
Emree and Lydia got some clothes from our favorite person Brenda, and they loved trying on all their new clothes.

This is at the St. Patricks Day Parade, if Lydia's face was cuter, I'd be mad at that little boy behind McCall's head for ruining such a good picture, but since Lydia pulled that face, no biggie.

We elected to spend Lydia's birthday night at the Cottonwood Rec Center, they swam for 2 hours straight and didn't want to come out, as we were driving home they fell asleep in a matter of seconds they were so pooped.
I found a table by the garbage bin of our apartment, and I thought to myself this:
 At McCall's cloggin competition, Lydia was dancing/clogging the whole time.  She's ready for some dance classes that's for sure.  Emree just ate the entire time.
 Lydia is looking after her little sister, since I told her that the Leprechauns like to steal baby girls.


  1. It's really true... that is the only way Emree eats stuffing it all in at once. It's hilarious. That's cool they finally like swimming so much. You kiddos were the same way and I too enjoyed the peaceful afternoons while you guys napped. The parade looks fun. I never even knew they had that parade. You guys were deprived.

  2. I loved the visual of her handing you the "soggy remains." Reminds me of a certain son of mine.

  3. Haha this whole post was hilarious. "Lydia clogged, Emree just ate the whole time." I loved it. Your girls have such hilarious personalities. And what a fun idea to have them paint the table.