Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter and More!!

Here are our little cuties at the Butlerville Easter Egg Hunt! They were so excited to grab all those eggs. Needless to say it was a chaotic mass of frantic parents literally carrying their children around and just picking up eggs themselves. It was over in approximately 8.2 seconds. At least it gave us a good laugh and a few pieces of free candy right? :)
Luckily Grandma had an amazing egg hunt planned for the kiddos the next day in her backyard. They had MUCH more fun there, actually being able to find the eggs. Thanks again!

We made Bug Masks for an indoor activity one day and I never would have guessed how much my girls love to wear masks. They would ask to put the on each day and loved looking at themselves in the mirror. They would make me laugh each time they'd wear them. Stinkers!

Later Easter Eve....we went for a hike! It was such a beautiful day and our girls LOVE being in the mountains. Lydia hiked the entire way and was such a cute hiker. She would sing songs and be so interested in every stick, river, twig, bug and pine cone. I love watching Emree copy cat every single thing Lydia a 'T'. Monkey see, monkey do I guess. Hopefully it's a good thing in the future. :)

Oh, and may I add that sweet lydia ALWAYS has to go potty while we are up in the mountains. It's pretty funny how we have to end up doing it....I literally almost pee my pants from laughter every time. Just ask us for the story later.....

Emree cracks us up, watch and see: seems like she can't hold herself up when she taps her foot so she has to get support from the couch

We hope you enjoyed your Easter Weekend too!


  1. Your two little girls crack me up! That video was hilarious! I loved it. And I also love the masks. What a fun idea!

  2. They are so cute together - it's nice that they can play together like they do (although, I'm sure they have their fair share of fighting too... :) )

  3. That video was pure bliss. It made me miss you guys so much. Such funny cute girls. They are going to be best of friends forever.

  4. Ok I already wrote but there is a word verification that must have stopped it from going through. I love how creative you are McCall to make those masks with your girls. I got to hear Lydias potty story in the mountains. You guys will have to visit often as these mountains are the best to live by. We are blessed with their beauty.Loved the video Emree cracks me up. And we missed an Easter egg hunt once because we were just coming up when it started and it was over like you said in 8 seconds. It's crazy!

  5. I don't see a video but I will try again. And that is so dang cute about Lydia!!! What a cute little hiker! And I'm going to call you o soon so I can get the story. Lol