Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dental Graduation

So I finally got my graduation pictures from Dad's phone.  We forgot our camera that day... really? Yep.  Many thanks to Dad, Mom, and Kelsi for coming out the long ways to Louisville to cheer me on.  Here's me prior to being hooded, just a regular old dental student.
Flash-forward past the ceremony and here I am a Doctor with Mom.  I look so much wiser in this picture.

Here are all the LDS guys and their families, I think we started off school with 1.5 kids and now there are too many to count.

 Here's the crew, aren't they cute and supportive.
 Here's all the LDS guys from my class.  We look like star wars characters.
 And this was before graduation on a walk to our close by park.  There is a small character on Kelsi's shoulder that is grabbing my attention, alas I forgot his name.  Kelsi any help here?
 And my wonderful group manager and friend Dr. Baughman, she was my favorite and taught me so much.
 Family and diploma.
 This is the part where I was hooded.  There were a couple of tall people who actually just sat down Indian style to help out those who were hooding.  And there was also that Louisville basketball player who proposed to one of my classmates during the ceremony that kind of stole the spotlight from those graduating, kind of funny.
There you have it folks.  No more school for me.  And again thanks to Mom, Dad and Kelsi for coming to support me.  I think the most memorable thing for me about those couple of days was Mom's bacon sandwich, and if you don't know what I'm talking about ask her.


  1. Haha mom's bacon sandwich! That was fantastic. I actually don't remember that character's name. He was supposed to be in all the pictures but escaped somehow. Way to go doctor I sure am proud of you!

  2. Those 4 years sure flew by and it was all worth it just so you could wear those awesome caps right? That's funny people would sit down. haha. Glad you are done with school what a great accomplishment

  3. That was so fun to go to that graduation! I'm so so proud of you! I just can't believe it. I'm glad we got that picture going to the park. That was an enjoyable day from beginning to end but I wish we would have gotten pictures of the banquet. That was amazing food much better than my bacon sandwich.

  4. Mom loved the bacon sandwich so much that she had it again when she visited us! And you're right JD - you do look wiser as a doctor - or was it just the glasses?

  5. Oh and I think you need to change the name of your blog now since you are no longer in Kentucky...