Monday, July 2, 2012

A la Beach!

We have been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful summer weather lately. Hitting up Seven Peaks, awesome parks, beautiful California beaches, movies under the stars and spending oodles of time with family and friends.
Here are just a few of our adventures lately..
JD and cute lydia pose for a picture as we take a break from Seven Peaks and eat lunch at a near by park...did I mention it was his birthday June 12th! Happy Birthday to the most amazing and good looking guy I know! ( I will blog more about that a little later..)

Emree getting ready to soak up some sun! I'm lucky in the fact that both my girls don't fight one bit about me putting sun screen on them, thank goodness to that. :)

We had the opportunity to take a last minute trip down to visit some of my family in California a few weeks ago. Lydia LOVED my youngest brother Jacy! Probably because he was the closest to her age out of everyone, and he would let her tackle him to the ground.

So much cuter when she's covered in sand...don't you think? :) Lydia loved the beach by the way! She loved playing in the sand with her uncles, and thought the huge holes we would dig for her to sit in were the greatest.

This is my younger brother Dusty...who is growing up so fast. He is the sweetest most tender hearted kid you'll find on this earth. He was always watching over my girls at all times and making sure they were safe and happy. He has the biggest heart and I love him to death! Did I mention he is incredibly talented and smart yet. Um ok then, HE IS! He thinks of, and builds the most complicated puzzle-box-things ever! I swear he is going to work for the FBI or NASA someday gees. It's pretty much incredible the things he comes up with. He is extremely gifted at playing the piano as well and has composed some pretty amazing pieces, as well as a dedicated student. I love him to death and it was so good to see him again. ( Did I mention he is also extremely good looking :)

Me and my little brothers, who aren't so little any more. Us after a fun day at the beach!

Oh Benson, thanks for always being the one to play with us in the ocean. These two became the best of friends! Benson was always so helpful with the girls and was always there to keep us company. He was always cracking jokes and making sure everyone was having a good time.

We rented a boat and got to circle Coronado Island which was super fun! Lydia even got to steer the boat!

Emree loved being on the water as well, having her life jacket not so much.

Handsome Man posing for the camera!

So lately these too goobers have been loving the stroller turned on it's side. For some reason it has provided them with countless hours of fun for the last week or so. Why did I never think of this sooner. Lydia sits in the little slots and says she is driving to the park. She sticks all sorts of toys and junk in the crevices of the stroller and then gets the baby or one of us to come sit on the back while she "drives". Emree loves climbing on it as well and they usually end up fighting over who gets the front seat.
As you can see below, with the mad camera skills that JD has, he was able to catch poor emree in motion as she plummeted to the ground after being pushed by lydia. This poor girl takes quite a beating from her older sister.

Crazy hair after bath time! 


  1. Lydia has the funniest facial expressions - she's always so excited! Still can't wait to meet little Emree

  2. That looked like a really fun trip to California. That's one benefit to having family in Ca. -you get a free place to sleep to enjoy the beach. It was neat to hear about your brothers and how amazing they are. I didn't even recognize them. I love the stroller game. Who needs toys when they play for hours with non-toys. I love your picture in the mirror McCall that's awesome.

  3. So fun! I loved all those pictures. I agree with McKay, Lydia always has the best facial expressions. What a crack up. And I especially got a kick out of that picture with Lydia pushing Emree down. So hilarious.

  4. As being a Frenchie I believe it is said a la plage (plaj). Haha what a great photo of Emree falling down. I miss the beach you guys are lucky.

  5. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your fam, your little brothers i bet were loving having the kiddos around and of course you two. You always take the best candid pictures I love it. The things kids come up with and love to do is so fun.