Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Best of Friends!

Oh how I LOVE my little family! Here we are at Temple Square one Sunday afternoon. It was JD's wonderful idea to spend the afternoon there, just to change things up a bit, and the girls and I loved it!
If anyone is wondering...Lydia is now 2 1/2 years old and Emree just turned 1. :)

Lydia loved seeing the beautiful Temple and kept on calling it the castle.

Lucky for me these two girlies are the best of friends now. Allowing us to stick  both of them in a one seat stroller. Emree gets a kick out of having Lydia's face so close to hers, she loves to poke and grab at it, giggling the whole time. Luckily Lydia thinks it's pretty funny too. 

We live about 2 minutes from Historic Wheeler Farm and have been going there alot lately. Lydia calls it the zoo. As of right now they have tons of ducks and geese waddling around the farm, Lydia absolutely loves to go feed them old moldy bread as well as see all the other animals.

Lydia is already 2 1/2 years old!! I can't believe how big she is getting and how much she is learning. I love how when things tip over or fall over etc... she says, "Oh dear!" Can you guess where she gets that? Here is another clue. She also loves to say, " Tut Tut looks like rain." Yes, her favorite movie is Winnie the Pooh!
She is doing so well, with saying her prayers and just loves going to nursery.
She has also become quite the dancer. She will ask me to turn on music and to put on a pretty dress every day if not multiple times a day. We went to a little danec/ storytime at the library the other time and she LOVED IT!  I cannot wait to put her in dance classes, because she will be in heaven! I am so proud of my little dancer.
She is doing alot better with sharing and being nice to emree. She shares all of her toys with emree, and always is there with a binky for her whenever she is crying. She adores her little sister and takes good care of her.

I have to say that Jd new for quite awhile the Lydia was ready to be potty trained, yet being the one who would be cleaning up all the yucky messes...I was a little (ok maybe a lot) hesitant in starting the whole process.
So we started cold turkey with the panties and to my surprise SHE WAS AMAZING! She learned so fast and we all get so excited every time she goes. She lets out a piercing scream of joy each time and is doing SO WELL. She still wears diapers to bed...but is starting to get through nap times with her panties on.
I could not be more proud of my sweet girl! She is so smart!
On a side note, we were reading the scriptures last night and quizing Lydia on who was in the picutres. She knew and could tell us who Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus were, and who the apostles were, also.... drum role......she knew who Joseph Smith was without us saying a single word!! Me and JD just looked at each other in complete shock and joy!
We are so proud of how much lydia is learning and just love her to pieces!

I love finding these two playing together (nicely) in their room together. Here is Lydia being the wonderful big sister that she is, reading books to emree, who is really getting into reading and looking at books. She probably gets it from her older sister. I also like how my homemade cardboard box chair has lasted this long, all they had to do to make it a two seater was bend the  arms down. Wonderful! Works for me. 

Oh sweet Emree!
I can't believe you are already 1 years old!
I wish I had more pictures from her birthday party (they should be coming soon) we just couldn't find our camera that we only have the ones we took with our phones. Anywho, her birthday was Owl themed and we held it at Grandma Hansen's house. My siblings and JD's family were there to celebrate with us.

Emree is starting to get her own little personality which is so fun to see. Her laugh is kind of like a cough laugh which I think is hilarious! She has 3 teeth so far, two on the bottom and one on top.
She is walking everywhere now and still does the little duck waddle to get around which I love. She loves bringing me her shoes to put on, so that we can go outside sooner. What a big helper she is.

She loves to press buttons! Either on the TV, Computer, Fan, name it, and she loves to press it. She'll push it and then turn and give you a sly little grin of "Look what I just did...what are you going to do about it now?..." Type of look.
She is starting to stand up for herself when it comes to Lydia taking toys or food. She'll just scream bloody murder, which sends lydia running for cover. She can usually get what she needs that way.
Oh and whenever she wants you to read her a book, she''ll come and plop down in your lap, with her book and a huge grin on her  face.

She is always so happy and brings so much joy into our lives and family. She loves Lydia to death and Lydia loves her just the same. It's been amazingto see how much she is learning and growing.


  1. Love that picture of both of them in the stroller that is precious! And I loved all the other pictures, Lydia is such a cheese. Glad that they are such good friends. They both are such sweet and smart girls.

  2. awe!! Cute little girls all the way around. They are both getting so big. Way to get it all down on "paper" to read and to share

  3. They are so cute! I can't believe Emree is one now! Time goes by fast!

  4. This is Cherie, by the way. I don't know why it's saying unknown. sorry!

  5. Good job on all the pictures. They are really great. I'm impressed. I love hearing all the stories and I can just picture Emree's little grin when she does something she thinks is cool. It is fun to see and hear about them getting along so well. Lydia is hilarious saying Oh dear or tut tut looks like rain. She is a cutie.

  6. Both ages are SO fun! And i know how you feel about how smart Lydia is getitng, is so crazy to see how they are catching onto things that we never told them about. Man they both are just adorable little girls!