Monday, December 26, 2011

Parker's Christmas Gift

I wanted to blog about Parker's gift to the Kentucky Hansens, #1 because it was so stinkin awesome and #2 I don't think everyone got a good look at it through skype.

1. One of my favorites "Parker's and JD's 2012 calendar". Finally I will be able to satisfy my veinness everyday.
2. I still don't know how Parker did this, but this is a wooden block (about the size of a notebook, and 2-3 inches thick. Also has a bronze ribbon tied around it. I love the olden look to this, will be perfect for one of our many bare walls in our house.

3. Lydia's shirt, a little big for her right now but she'll grow into it. It says, "Perfect just like mommy." McCall really likes this one for some reason.
4. Again, Parker's amazing woodworking skills showing off here. This is a tractor made out of wood, with three little people in the trucks bed, awesomely painted too. Lydia has already loved playing with this.

5. A beautiful necklace and earrings for McCall

6. I think this is tied for my favorite. This is a bird house/key holder. I'll I can say about this one is 'Wow'! Everything you see here is made out of wood once again, if you look at this thing its detail is absolutely amazing... the stairs, the surfboards, the fence, the roof, and the dirt. And of course my personalize surfboard with my name on it.

7. This one is for McCall, since she loves her organic foods. She can grow these from her windowsill and cure upset stomachs and get a ridiculously good looking body (helps with weight loss too) better than the amazing one she already has of course.

8. A xylophone for Lydia and eventually Emree that I believe was made by Parker himself.

9. Bells for Emree!
10. Another one that was tied for my favorite. Mom let me know that Parker suffered many injuries trying to handcarve these. As you can see it's our family Mom and Emree, with Dad and Lydia. Very impressive!
11. Another one for my veinness, Lydia's sweat pants that say, "I get my good looks from daddy"
McCall and I were simply amazed at the amount of time and hard work that Parker put into this present. This is definitely one of my favorite traditions at Christmas time, giving away our handmade gifts to siblings. We love you Parks! Thank you!


  1. Oh wow!!! That is so amazing. Your handcrafted family of four... to die for. What a sweet, sweet gift Parker. Thanks for posting all of this JD. Love it!!!

  2. I think Parker takes the cake every year yours kills and creativity astound me parks. Everything is so amazing and I love every single gift and the details of them all!

  3. I just couldn't believe how the gifts just kept going and going! parker youre pretty talented. I'm going to have to pay you to make me some stuff

  4. Maybe something to help with your 'vainness' is to learn that you kind of struggled spelling that word. But agreed with everyone else. Parker very impressive!

  5. Kels you made me laugh with your comment. I loved all them but the calendar was so cool to see so many pictures of just the two of you. I think you should post the picture with you two falling asleep on each other. That's how much you loved each other. So cute! Yup Parker got pretty beat up on the last one and we went through lots of bandaids.Much harder than it looks.

  6. Thanks you guys for posting about my stuff, I just really love to see the reactions people give me after I give them a gift. This was the best reaction yet. It is my favorite thing to make people presents, I'm glad you liked it. Your presents were the best too, I'm going to post them. (by the way when Emeree gets big enough the pants are for her) Parker

  7. Oh my lucky stars!!! sheesh parks you need to start a crafting business you got talent brother! and sure know how to show us all up. I cant believe how much you did!

  8. NO way!!! HE did amazing!!! What a creative boy!! My little Parker boyfriend is all grown up and so creative... I always knew he was a catch! :) Way fun presents, thanks for sharing!