Sunday, December 18, 2011

Funny Sunday

So we've decided to stay home this year for Christmas and sometimes we regret that decision a lot, because #1 we'll miss our family but the #2 I wasn't expecting is this. Person: "When you going home for Christmas?" Me: "Oh we're staying here this year..." Person: "Really, you want to take me to the airport?" Other responses have been.... "Oh really, you want to take care of our chickens for us" You want to watch our fish while we're gone? So far I've been able to take 4 people/families to the airport, watch 4 chickens/get their eggs and feed them, and take care of one goldfish. I don't really mind it actually, it's just funny.

But one reason that we're happy we're staying is because of this...
We get to buy and decorate our own tree. I refused to buy a stand cuz it cost almost as much as the tree did, so I got 2 boxes from the postoffice, stuck them together and filled them with rocks.

We had our ward Christmas party last night and we had a special visit from Santa. Lydia actually sat on his lap for the first time, it probably helped to see the 40 kids in front do it first. But as you can see she is still a little nervous.

Lydia got her first doll, and it was from her best friend Lauren, your LaLa as Lydia calls her. We determined we are terrible parents, cuz she got her first baby doll from someone besides her parents. She already loves this baby and takes her everywhere with her.

And here is a cute picture of the 2 girl cousins. These 2 had so much fun sliding down on a mattress over and over again, until Mckay ruined the fun by giving Jaedyn a big rug burn on her eye.

And here is a funny story to end: So I went on a couple interviews a couple weeks back and I decided to take my traveling companion Lydia, more for the grandparents sake. Well she decided to get diarrhea for our travels. Now I don't know if you've ever tried to change a toddler in one of those airplane bathrooms, but it's pretty hard. I went to the back bathroom and much to my horror there was no changing table, so I did what any Dad would do and changed her right there on the toilet, (poor girl, half her body was dangling off). Later I found out that the changing tables were at the front... of course.

The funny part comes at the end. Done with my final interview in Houston, we headed to our final terminal. While going through security I stopped and smelled... french fries?! I knew that Lydia had eaten some for lunch so I wasn't too concerned. It wasn't until I stopped by the bathroom that I noticed that Lydia's diarrhea had spilled out wetting her entire backside. Horrible smell btw! I was thinking fast, do I wash her pants in the bathroom? No then she'll be wet forever. I had it, I asked the terminal guy if there was a way he could sneak in my suitcase and grab an extra pair of pants. He obliged and returned 5 minutes later. Saved! But not for long. An hour into our flight I again felt something moist, I lifted her up and yes it had happened again. As I motioned to my neighbors where I was headed, the guy next to me lifted up his tray table and in the process squeezed the life out of Lydia's fingers. Bloody murder scream for the next 10 minutes. Well no more pants so she spent the rest of our layover and next flight sporting just a diaper. More bad news when we arrived in Chicago, an hour delayed flight. We got home around 1 AM, needless to say Lydia was not a happy camper.


  1. what an awesome dad you are!!! Gosh I can just see it now because that is a normal day in our life too :)! You poor guy though, I am sorry it had to be so tramatic but it is good you are keeping record so for years from now you can show her how great you are to her. I love your cute tree! I will be thinking of your guys on the 26th, when we are celebrating our anniversary. ONe of these days we need to celebrate together if you guys are ever in the area. Have a Merry Christams!!!

  2. I don't know if that story sounds very funny. But hey as long as you're laughing then I guess I can laugh too. Can't believe that happened though. And I am quite sad you won't be coming home for Christmas.

  3. The first funny story was pretty funny, but that last one doesn't sound very happy. But its afterwards you start to laugh. But the tree looks very cute! great job decorating and thats exciting lydia sat on santas lap! Ya!

  4. That is so funny about everyone wanting you for something since you stayed home.I love your tree. So fun to get her first doll and I'm impressed she sat with Santa when she wouldn't even sit with the princesses.What a ruff trip.I'm so sorry about the trip home.I didn't know about the diarrhea. Goodness and then the smashed fingers. I can't believe that. But I sure was impressed while you were here by what a great dad you are. Those girls are pretty lucky! You couldn't have been better.

  5. Im very sad you guys wont be here for christmas but i am glad you got to come out here for a couple days! love the tree! Man what an awful sad story.. one bad thing after the next. glad you were able to laugh it off