Sunday, July 17, 2011

Utah Trip

Utah was so fun!! We just got back from our month stay in the home land. JD did his extern for Dental School out there at the Mountainlands Community Center and loved it! He was able to really pick his speed up and also learn A LOT of Spanish at the same time.

It was fun seeing everyone and reminiscing in the old days when we actually did live there for real. Here are just a few of the good memories that we made while we were out there.

First off we have lydia ready to go surfing on her chair. It was so funny, everytime we would sit down to eat, she would lie on her belly, like it was no big deal, and continue to eat the rest of her food. Don't ask me... who knows what she was trying to accomplish.

Second, I love this picture! Ok, this was taken during the dance party of my two amazing friends, Andy and Whitney's Wedding....oh Jewish wedding... may I add. She had so much fun groovin to the beat and was adorable and hilarious to watch. She takes after her mother.. what can I say. :)

We bought season passes to Seven Peaks for a steal of a deal! Included was unlimited access to Trafalga, Seven Peaks, the Trafalga in Lehi which had laser tag, a rock climbing wall, arcade games, roller coasters, race cars and much more. So we thought we would go for a little date and visit Mtn Rushmore, which was also included in our steal of a deal passes.

This occasion was pretty funny. We were walking over to the dance floor at our friends wedding and another kid ran past her and accidentally bumped her. She just started crying like the world was going to end... I was happy we finally caught this adorable face on camera.

Oh.... a precious daddy daughter moment. We had to be at the wedding early for pictures etc. and so JD was able to spend some quality time with his little sweetheart. I found them asleep in the shade and am so happy I was able to get some pictures without them waking up. I have never seen her do this before, so the fact the she was cuddled up to her daddy just sleepin in the shade outside was so cute. I love this picture as well. You can just tell how much she loves her Dad!

Oh Ella, besides the fact that you passed on the flu to miss lydia and the rest of us, it was fun to see you. We were able to go to Cafe Rio which was delicious and then to the mall afterwards, which is where these two really had some bonding time on that yellow dinasaur.

Here we are at Seven Peaks with Brandon, Shelby and Daxton! Dax was so cute and would just relax on his dad's back sporting his awesome sun glasses...while on the other hand... Lydia would go crazy as soon as she hit the water and wanted you to completely let go of her. She didn't care if the water was 2 feet deep, she knew she could do it on her own, which made it pretty difficult for a prego lady to keep a hold on her.

We had so much fun seeing everyone and we really do miss all of you. Thanks again to all those who opened their homes to us and allowed miss lydia to wake them up all through the night. We feel so blessed to have such good family and friends and hope to be seeing all of you again very soon. :)


  1. Wow, cut.e pictures. I do love that one of Lydia looking up. She was so hilarious when she'd eat at the table. She was loving not being confined to a high chair.n And yes wish we could go back in time and do away with that bonding time with Ella. Aggh no fun at all especially for Lydia. Miss you guys. Thanks for the fun post.

  2. Such a cute post McCall, I love all the pictures, the one of mrs lydia and jd under a tree is to die for. And i love the pictures of daxton and Brandon and lydia and Jd haha thanks for letting me use your camera for those i'll have to steal them :) and I love the pic of all three of us cute! Again i'll say it again you are the cutes preggo lady! WE MISS YOU! and it was so fun to have you here!

  3. McCall your family is so cute! AND you look Great! Thanks for the pictures

  4. I'm in love with the pic of jd and lydia under the tree. I'm so glad you captured that. Lydia is quite the poser for pictures always has the best faces. I'm so glad you guys got to be here for a month, it was so fun spending time with you guys and I miss you guys terribly. It's so fun to have friends to do fun things with.

  5. I think that we need to plan our vacations better so we are in the same place at the same time!
    McCall... KEEP WRITING! I love it.
    The picture of Lydia surfing on the table at dinner is classic. So is Lydia becoming more of a water baby now? And I wanted to see what kind of maternity swimsuit you have.
    ps-this is not marcia, this is makana. I am just on her laptop. :) We love you and miss you