Sunday, July 31, 2011

Funny Sundays

So I was thinking... something I don't do a lot of... that I love the "Because She Does Blog (on Thursdays)" that my sister Shelby does and the "Awkward/Awesome Thursdays" that my sister-in-law Makana blogs, and I thought well we could think of something to do once a week also and I came up with this idea: Funny Sundays!

I figure we say a lot of funny things or have funny things happen to us during the week, and we usually end up forgetting about them oh so fast, so this will help us in that regard. But hopefully it has a two fold effect:

1) It will serve as a journal of funny things for us and

2) It will remind the rest of us that admist the stress and tribulations of this world the Lord has blessed us with something amazing: laughter!

Now I can't promise how long this will last or how often I'll actually do it, but oh well.

So here are my funny quotes/stories of the week:

McCall looking at some horses as we drive by: "Geez, what would it be like to just eat all day long?" Pausing. "Oh wait... I do that." (her being pregnant makes this quote better)

JD: "Name this movie, "I'll finish it for you now." "No Jonny, finish it for mama"

McCall: "Oh oh, um... Legends, no Living... I can't think of it.... oh Legacy" (funny if your familiar with Living Legends and Legacy)

So I went to help a less active member move out (it seems like whenever I do these moves the people are always a bunch of pack rats). Anyway, she had six of those BIG boxy tvs, heavy suckers. I found out later that five of the six didn't even work. Why are we moving them then? I found even later that she was downgrading from a two bedroom apartment to a one bedroom. I guess her room needs a t.v. in every direction, just in case they decide they want to work again.

She also had a fish tank with no lid, the water was so murky that I had to concentrate really hard to even see any sign of life, plus there were three moldy rubber duckys sitting on top of the water. "Are you sure you want this in the moving truck?" "Yeah just take out a little water so it doesn't splash out much." "Ok" The lady was moving to a different ward. I heard when that ward's Elders quorum got to it, there was fish and glass everywhere.


  1. Love this idea! You three have some pretty funny moments.

  2. I absolutely love your new idea and you guys have to do that every week because it give me something to look forward to. I need a good laugh. Those were hilarious. Someone should write a book on moving LDS people and stories like yours. Crazy people. And McCall I love those stories. So funny. And last of all the picture of Lydia is so so cute. She looks even more grown up.

  3. I love this idea.. it makes me want to do better at writing down the funny things that happen during our week. man you always have such good ideas. And those stories cracked me up. I love the pic of lydia, i'm glad you captured that moment of her. Keep them coming.

  4. Yeah, I have had my share of moving people stories too, but I'm pretty sure that story tops all of mine. This one lady we moved had a bunch of junk, but luckily her daughter and granddaughter were there to tell her to throw stuff out. I even got a mini-fridge for my office out of that move.

  5. Love this idea JD! I agree you better keep it up. I think my favorite was what McCall said about the horses. That's hilarious. And I love that picture of Lydia.

  6. so everyone else has said it...but this is a fun idea and i might steal it from you. Lydia is so dang cute. It was fun to see you guys while you were here! angela

  7. um.. can I be a copy cat? LOVE the idea. I laughed pretty hard at the stories. And i'll have to agree with Kels and the what McCall said about the horses. I laughed pretty hard. You guys are great!