Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lydia Loo Who, We Love YOU!

Lately I have been reading a lot about what mothers love most about their little ones, like things they want to remember about them. So as I sit here and read about all these adorable, wonderful things about other kids, I said to myself, "Self. The world should know what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about lydia too. "

Here are some things I love about you, sweet baby girl of mine.

p.s. She is 4 1/2 months right now, such a cute age... in my opinion.

*She's such a talker... well, can I say screamer. Instead of cooing and giggling all the time, she does more of a high pitched scream when she gets excited or is just on the ground playing. It's hilarious. HAHA... she just did one. Wonderful.

*She growls in this really deep low who would she get that from?

*She can grab for things and loves playing with all of her toys. And instead of just looking at things... she has to stick EVERYTHING in her mouth.

*She loves sucking her fingers, she'll always have about two or three in that slobber cave of hers at all times. She also loves sucking on mom and dad's fingers as well. It's cute.

*She loves it when dadddy sings to her. JD will come home from school and serinader her with singing and guitar. She just sits there all peaceful, loving life and just stares at him.. it's adorable. (Not like when I try and play my flute for her...she gets fussy after about two notes. Sad.)

*Not to be gross or anything... but lydia has some pretty smelly toots, boofs, whatever you like to call them. I dont' know how such a small little girl can cook up such disgusting odors, but it's something me and JD just laugh about...all the time, it seems like.

*She is such a wonderful snuggler.. so cuddly.
* She gets a huge smile on her face whenever me or jd looks at her..It's so cute.

*She can roll all over the place. She is so close to crawling and she is always in a different spot whenever we look at her, after putting her down to play.

Over all she is the joy of our lives and brings so much fun to our family. We love her so much and feel so blessed to have her apart of our family. Love you LYDIA!


  1. Goodness only 4 and 1/2 months and alreay quite the character! She sounds like a lot of fun. Also my favorite part of the video is when JD says horse. Thanks JD I would've been confused as to what that was.

  2. So cute, we love Lydia too and I wish we could see her cute personality as it has developed. But boy is she cute in the pictures and video... cute post McCall.

  3. I want to hear that growl. You'll have to get it on video. I've heard the talk/scream thats funny when she does that. I loved reading all the things she does now. I think she might set the world record for earliest walker she's learning everything so fast.