Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well, it's been awhile since we've put some pictures of Lydia up and told people about are lives, so here goes.
Lydia is growing up pretty fast. She already knows how to poop, cry, and sleep. I don't know how she learns so fast... ok so really she is actually talking tons, picking things up with her hands, rolling in all directions, and smiling at her funny old man (and woman sometimes).

Here's a picture of me in Strawberry Land (McCall surprised me for my birthday). I tried to teach McCall to pick only the big ones but she couldn't resist all the little cuties

This is Lydia's 3 month birthday, and she picked out a cake that was just as big as she was. Sometimes I wish we would celebrate every month of our lives too, but little babies deserve it I guess.

Lydia went to the splash park in the zoo and loved splashing around in the water and was a lot braver than the other sissy's who just wanted to be held by their moms (no offense little ones).

Lydia was so tired one night that I had to get it on camera (she couldn't even hold her head up). Stay tuned til the end, there's a special surprise.


  1. Cute then funny and then cute again and then totally gross.
    Great post!

  2. Wow those first two pics are so similar! (Cheesy grins with the head cocked to the side)

  3. So cute! It made me laugh.
    Poor thing, being kept up by her adoring fans until 10:30. Let the girl get some sleep already... (smile)
    She sure is adorable.

  4. don't diss the small strawberries! Small is good! :P You are such a dad now I can't even take it. How is everything over there in the Hansen home??

  5. Look at her rockin those sunglasses! Haha she looks like a little old lady, she's even got the sticking the tongue out down.

  6. Ok that video was a laugh out loud one. I thought maybe she'd have a great big grin at the end!
    I'm jealous of the strawberries cause we had so many this year but the birds got there first. I'm finding I hate birds now. They eat all my hard work and poop on my outdoor furniture.
    The sunglasses and swimsuit were adorable. Lucky girl to get a pie like that. Yum!