Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Marvelous May

Here are some of the recent happenings from the month of May:
Eating Thai food
Watching Star Trek on opening night, with Kelsi of course
Kissing a lot
Going to the dentist, what an awful person

Playing hide and seek

McCall's last clogging competition with her awesome clogger friends
Hiking on memorial day and only getting half of Emree's face
Trip to Lubbock, had our Biker conference and secured a place to live

Pretty good month, one more to go before the big move! Aahh!


  1. Don't leave Utah! It seems like you guys just barely moved here.

  2. Just heard the big news from McKay. Congrats!!! You will only be about 8 or so hours from us. Road Trip!!!!! Good luck with the move.

  3. Can't believe you guys will be in Texas soon. We can meet at Tinas and have thanksgiving haha. Love the hide and seek picture. such a cute fam

  4. Looking tuff McCall-just like a real biker. Love the cute kissing picture! so adorable. And yes the hide and seek pic is funny! Do they love their dentist daddy now that he's checking their teeth?
    Agree with Kels much too soon to leave you DiD just get here didn't you?