Sunday, December 9, 2012


We took some trips downtown recently.  Lydia has been wanting to ride the trax for sometime now because she sees her dad taking the trax to work.  So we announced the big news to Lydia and she was so happy!  It was enjoyable for the first 10 minutes and then Emree got a little restless and angry as well as and putting her mouth on everything.

Here's the first big snowfall we had a couple weeks ago.  It snowed about 3 days straight it seemed like.  Well McCall had to work that Saturday, so I was able to take the girls out and play in the snow.  Emree hated it and Lydia was in love.  So I put Emree to bed and Lydia and I made a nice big snowman.  Everytime thereafter when we'd go outside, she'd shreek "Snowman" and go running to the spot where it was.

These girls love the piano and have made me go inactive playing because every time I do sit down to play they swarm me and cry until I let them sit on my lap and take over.  Emree looks a little possessed in this picture, she's thinking, "wa haha I just composed the most amazing concerto at the youngest age ever."

And then McCall and grandma went to the Dickens festival this last weekend.  I wasn't there so I can't comment much, but this picture is pretty slick.

Emree loves giving Lydia hugs, which usually results in Lydia just standing there not accepting the hug.  But we were lucky enough to catch one of her hugs in action.  She is such a sweetie!  It melts my heart each time she does it, in a manly sort of way.

Right before church, cheeziness!

And I found this picture of Lydia that I love, thought I'd post it again.


  1. What a great dad you are. Glad Lydia had such fun building the snowman. Dickens festival was a blast and it was pretty hard taking that picture as Emree didn't want her to stand behind a board. Can't believe she was looking when they took it. So fun to see Santa's actual reindeer and getting pulled in the carriage. And yes Emree looks possessed at the piano ha! Ooh yuck you're right mouths on trax windows germie but cute pics and thats all that matters!

  2. Bahaha oh how I love your experiences with your children. And your kids sure do make some of the greatest faces. Couldn't help from cracking up looking at Lydia's ecstatic face as she played in the snow, or Emree's evil looking face.

  3. Oh my gosh this made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing. Keep em coming for SURE. Love all 3 of your girls.

  4. I find such joy in reading your adventures with your cute but hilarious girls. I can't get over there expressions and how thrilled they get. Your a good dad playing with them. Hugs from kids are the best thing. Cant wait for Calvin and Emree to play.

  5. Oh your girls are just so cute. Oh those are such funny pictures, and I like both of their hats are too big. That evil picture of Emery playing the piano is hilarious. So fun! -Parker