Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two Giggly Girls!

Hello Hello!
I've noticed that I tend to do really big blog posts with lots of pictures and lots of different topics.
First off we celebrated Lydia's 2nd Birthday! Ladybug Style!
I made a pretty cool ladybug pinata that we only videotaped....and didn't get a picture of...that all the kids loved!
We held her birthday at the park so that the kids could have double the fun that way.
We got a yummy cake that said Happy Birthday Lydia and it had flowers, bumble bees and a sun on it. We also had drinks, chips, and some fruit.
Lydia loved opening up more presents and among some of the things she got was a hand made dress, bubble blower, dolls, coloring books and crayons, lincoln logs, a bracelet with her name on it etc... She is one lucky girl.
What did her parents get her you may be asking yourself...well we got her the movie Puss In Boots. She absolutely loves this movie and would watch it every day, all day if we let her. She loves her "Cat" movie. :)

Emree is getting so big! She already weighs 21.9 lbs at 7 months old!

We sure love her rolls of baby love! She can kind of sit up and is rolling all over the place. She is so close to crawling! She loves to get your attention by letting out a high pitched scream...this girl sure has some lungs! Sheesh!

JD had Spring Break this last week and we decided to stay around our home and visit some of the many beautiful parks they have in Louisville. Here we are after a morning hike at Tom Sawyer Park.

Lydia was quite the trooper! She walked the whole way and loved every minute of it! She also propped her hat up like so...which we thought was pretty cute. :)

My little sweetheart is getting so big! Here are just a few things about this cute girl and what makes her such a joy to have in our family.
1. She claps her little hands really fast whenever she gets excited!
2. She loves peanut butter and asks for it all. day. long.
3. She loves going to the zoo and always talks about the snakes and elephants!
4. She sings her own theme song as she dances around all throughout the day.. Her song goes something like this.."do ta do ta doooo ta do ta do ta dooooo ta..and so on." :)
5. Whenever she hears soft music she says "Jesus?" and she also loves reading her picture scripture books.
6. Each morning she crawls up on our bed and gets right in emree's face and says, "HI BABY!" in her most high pitched and happy voice! Lydia loves her baby sister and emree gets so excited and giggly whenever she see's lydia as well. It's so cute to watch them together!

Sorry for how gross this is ... but we had our first 'poo poo' mess. Lydia had stuck her hand down her pants and came out with this...which she told me by coming up behind me and grabbing my arm with this yummy hand. Hmmm maybe it's time to start thinking about potty training this girl.

The Spring Blossoms have been absolutely gorgeous out here and we have been taking full advantage of our beautiful days here! We have been going to the park and to the zoo a lot lately and we just wanted to share some photos of our fun outings! :)

Our two girls are getting so big and they bring so much happiness to our home, we feel extremely blessed to have them as a part of our family and we love them to pieces!


  1. They are so pretty and getting so big! So how many parks did you go to? I very the party was fun. and I like the pictures and different post topics

  2. What a fun little party too bad we didn't get to see the pinnate! I can't believe how big your girls are getting either! Both of them are so so cute! Looks like you guys are having so much fun there!

  3. Looks like Lydia and Daxton both share the same scrunched up face smile. Jaedyn would clap her hands really fast too when she was excited (sadly she's mostly outgrown it, especially as she has started "communicating" better). I can't believe how big they've both gotten, and to think that I haven't even met Emree yet.

  4. Yay!! Can't wait for you to move to Utah so I can actually see you more!!

  5. We all laughed at that darling picture of Lydia hiking with that hat. She is a doll. Love her in that pink skirt. Yup pretty disgusting poop picture. Put up the video of the pinata. You did tons of work for that party but it's all worth to see our kids joy. I remember the days of going to parks but yours looker prettier like those beautiful daffodils.Wow! Great picture of Emree with her tongue out she is chubby but adorable.

  6. Oh my gosh look at Emree she is absolutely adorable!! I love it. Also love the picture of Lydia hiking. Haha that cracked me up. Can't believe how big they both are getting. You guys seem to have a lot of fun. Also loved the party idea. It sounded like it was a lot of fun.

  7. 21 lbs?? haha that is crazy. i love all the pics, you got some really cute ones. Lydia seems like she has such a fun personality. Can't wait to spend the summer with her and emree. You guys do such fun things, now when you come to utah we'll actually have some fun activities to do.