Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hmmm... What Can I Make Today!

So I go through these phases of feeling crafty every once in awhile, so I thought I would share some of the projects I've been working on.

First off I made Lyida a chair! I've been wanting to get one for her for the longest time now since she sit's in every small chair she can find at any of her friends houses. She loves having one just her size and I knew she would love to have one of her own. But as I started my search for one I was quickly disappointed by how expensive they are, even ones at consignment stores (which looked kind of dirty as well). So as I was boucing sweet emree to sleep on my new yoga ball I saw an empty costco size diaper box just lying on the floor and I thought to myself.... "Self?" "Yes" "You should totally make your own little chair out of that diaper box!" "That is a great idea McCall!"

So that's how it started...

As you can see it may not last that very long, we will see how long the cardboard and glue can hold out. But I started by putting the cut diaper box on top of another box, using tape to hold it together. Then to stable out the sides I used some old books that we won't be reading for awhile at least... We had an old pillow that I could use for the cushion and some pink and green fabric I had laying around.

So.... with the use of some scotch tape, a glue gun, and some yarn, Lydia finally has her chair!
It makes me so happy to see her sitting in it, which she does quite often and I love how it literally cost me nothing, by just using things I had around the house and a little creative juice.

I'm a little proud of it if you can't already tell...so just wanted to share what I've been up to lately along with taking care of two sweet and sometimes crazy emotional girls. :)

Oh... JD wanted me to post this to see if anyone could guess what it is. So can anyone guess?

Here is the finished project!

The second project that i have been working on I got from Pinterest.. It's just scrapbook paper and some cloth in a painted over frame and each day you can write on the glass with a dry erase marker what you love about your spouse, then wipe it off and write something else. I would have written something on it for the photo but we don't have a black dry erase marker quite yet.



  1. Oh wow! I'm totally impressed with that chair. I too have longed for my kids to have little chairs of their own but with the prices of them, I have yet to buy any. You did a fantastic job!!!!!!!

  2. Ok, I need to make a chair too. And I am pretty sure I am going to pin that chair on pinterest my friend. Look at you all talented. Don't know how you do it but I am officially inspired.
    And.... JD... I have no idea. But I like that bowl behind the playdough mush. :)

  3. Great job McCall! And my guess JD would be something from a Dr. Suess book.

  4. That is amazing McCall! Look how creative you are!! That is so so cool and cute! And I love the frame as well! Mann you need to keep going you've got pretty mad skills. Even the detail with the flowers is so dang cute! And I think the mush is ice cream??

  5. That chair is so cute McCall! :)

  6. My goodness Woman you are talented and so creative I would have never thought to make a chair out of diaper boxes and books would be so Dang cute!! Keep up the projects coming:) And my guess jd would have to be dyed mash potatoes.

  7. Wow, McCall that is so amazing. I love how you wrote explaining how you came up with the idea. That made me laugh. The chair is beautiful. I would never have guessed how you made it from seeing the finished project. I bet Lydia loves it. I like the touch of having that flower. That is a wonderful idea of the writing things daily about your spouse. I can't wait to see what JD writes I'm sure it will be very mature and uplifting. JD is colored frosting on some cake.

  8. That chair is amazing! Seriously I am incredibly impressed. You are so creative McCall. And I love that frame. I also saw that on pintrest and I really like your version. And that is a candy corn.

  9. Looks like Mom won the contest, it's leftover colored frosting from sugar cookies we made long ago. McCall you're so talented and hot!

  10. I think you would give that guy from the Red and Green show a run for his money.....mr ducttape. Way to go!