Monday, May 23, 2011


Awhile back I made an interesting purchase. I'm sorry, but my earning for a piano got the best of me and I made a greedy decision... I bought a piano, but... not just any piano let me tell you. It all began when I was searching on Craigslist and I came upon an ad for a baby grand piano for a 100$. It stated that it obviously needed some work but that it still played pretty well. Curious I called the number and the guy told me he'd deliver for me for free... I was sold. They came as promised and delivered the piano. As soon as they left however, I looked at McCall and she looked disappointedly at me and I knew i had made a serious mistake.

Why? Well first off, here are some pictures of the beauty:

You are probably incredulous at this point, wondering how this guy sold this for just 100$, and how I picked up such an incredible deal (sarcasm).

First off: We live in an apartment + the largeness of a baby grand = not a lot of wiggle room/space

Second: I failed to notice that the piano was missing the music stand (to hold the music)

Third: The first time I played the piano was when they (the movers) set it down in my apartment. I knew that it sounded pretty awful but what was I to do, say ok thanks for all the effort... take it back. So naturally, I kept it.

Despite my lack of intelligence in this purchase, I determined I was going to restore this piano and make a fortune out of it by selling it for ten times its worth.

So... I sanded it down, filled in the cracks with wood glue and put the primer on:

I love black piano's, so naturally that's what I did, I painted it black. But the worst part of it all... was the laquering. Remember we live in an apartment, with no garage, and not very good ventilation. If I had any other wife than my sweet McCall I would have been forced to stop my project right then. But being the good wife that she is, she encouraged me to finish it. I put 3 layers of lacquer on and each time I would leave all the windows to the apartment open and we would take off for a day or two to air out the horrible strong smell. I think I actually did damage to my nerves at this point because the last time I lacquered my arm started stwitching and still does. But I finally finished it so it'll be forever worth the twitching!

It took me a lot of work but I actually had a tons of fun doing it! One small problem, although it looks beautiful on the outside the piano doesn't sound too great. One day out of anger, I put it up on Craigslist, a lady fell in love with it, and before I knew it, I had bid my last goodbyes to my beautiful love. Good riddance!


  1. Wow, I can't believe how much work you did to that piano. It looks amazing. Too bad you couldn't get it to sound as great as it looks. I bet your house feels empty now with that big thing gone. Anyway I'm impressed with your skills.

  2. Holy SMokas.. that is the coolest thing Ever. Man you got some mad repairing and refinishing skills. you should go into the business of fixing up junk to brand new items. How much did you end up selling it for?

  3. Holy cow! That is pretty amazing that you did that in the first place...but did you have school going on all this time as well? You are talented!

  4. Ya, I was wondering how much you sold it for as well. You better have made a profit for sure. It looked amazing though. Way to go!!!

  5. That was a ton of work hopefully you got a good price for it! It looks amazing! /good job mccall for encouraging!!

  6. I bet he got $1 million dollars. I mean, it better be that much with forever random arm twitching to deal with now. :) Great job bro