Sunday, April 10, 2011


So as you can see we have ourselves a visitor.

We noticed their company ever so often on the headrest of our bed, along the lining of our sheets, and yes, even on our pillows. YUCK! Finally after seeing so many of these lovely creatures we decided to find the source of all evil. So we started pulling our bed apart.

Layer after layer we found more and more of these unwelcomed visitors. We pulled our sheets back and found 3 under our covers. Pulled the bottom sheet off and JD found 5 along side his side of the bed. We lifted up our mattress and yet found a few more on our box spring. By this point I didnt' want to go any further because I was scared of what we would find... since we had used the room under our bed for storing who knows what. But we held our breath and lifted the box spring up.

We found these nasty maggots all over our stuff that we had stored under our bed. JD was a saint for cleaning all of them up. I would stand on the side lines and he would just tell me what he needed and I would gladly go get it for him if I didn't have to touch the little buggers.

Finally we found the JACKPOT!!

It was our 72 hr kit! Ya, I know if there happened to be a disaster, we would be toast. Anyways we started to open things up and pull things out of this nasty back pack and kept on finding more and more of these lovely creatures....Until....yes.. we found the mother load.

It was the nastiest maggot infested cliff bar EVER! There was one tiny whole in the package and Jd had to open it. What we found will forever scar my memory and I swear I can never look at a cliff bar again. This thing had the plumpest, most nastalgic, and satisfied maggots I had ever seen. There was so many of them just nestled all snug in that package, it basically just looked like a maggot bar with some granola bits. I am pretty sure that we will never eat the TWO boxes of cliff bars we already had in our food storage.

So there you have it, I am sorry if we have thus ruined your personal taste for cliff bars having seen these quite disturbing images. Just remember to check your 72 hour kits every so often. Amen.


  1. That was absolutely hysterical and sickening at the same time. And I would have done the same thing McCall by offering encouragement. Oh I can't even imagine. JD gave me some hints about the next blog post you were doing but yes this was way worse then I had ever imagined. Oh the horrors. I don't think I could even sleep in the bed.
    Great Post McCall!

  2. that was gross! I can't believe that image is seared into my brain now. I can never eat a cliff bar now for the rest of my life!
    And... I think you should email the company

  3. Yuck! Reminds me when they served us food on my mission and their were maggots in his food. He thought it was just the grease in the food because it was hot until he put it in his mouth.

  4. Ew, ew, ew, ew! That's all I have to say. :) That and I might not have been able to sleep in my bed for like a week. *shudder*

  5. I just threw up in my mouth.. and I am never eating a cliff bar again.

  6. I was reading that while I was eating lunch... bad idea. i couldn't finish eating cuz i'll i wanted to do was puke. I would have done the same thing to Daniel made him do everything and freak out and cheer him on. lol

  7. Oh. My. WOrd.
    What?? Maybe it's a Kentucky thing? Please please please don't let it be an Ohio thing! Oh bless your heart my dear. I am so sorry!

  8. 'um... i was hungry now i'm not lol. That would be so gross... i'm sorry you had to witness that mccall!!