Sunday, September 19, 2010

Missing tooth?

Here are some of are most recent adventures... at the mall. Dates are pretty exciting when you have a kid. McCall and Lydia decided to take a ride with Arthur.

Here's Lydia's first encounter with finger food, everywhere but inside the mouth. And no it's not a piece of poo... it's an avocado.
Chief complaint: traumatic occlusion with a frozen snicker
Prognosis: Good if you live in Kentucky, terrible anywhere else
Treatment: Free but scary and unpredictable unexperienced work at the dental school

Lydia the 1% of her day when she's not crying. Jk. She loves being outstide and eats strange delights constantly.

Where is Waldo?

Well I was going to post some movies of McCall clogging but they wouldn't load, so until next time...


  1. How did your tooth just fall out?! You didn't expound on that story.

  2. That is my favorite picture so far of Lydia. She is so adorable with that cute smile. Wow, she really can make a mess but thats not the fav pic I was talking about. That is hilarious with wheres little Lydia. Where was that? I guess you need to talk to your brother more Jd since he didn't know about your tooth. Your still cute toothless.

  3. So.. if Lydia is supposedly crying all the time how come she always look so pleasant in photos? Sneaky, little girl. Apparently I'm going to need to call you too to get the tooth story.

  4. oh JD!!! you did not loose your tooth? Poor guy! gosh that seems like something that i would have done. I hope the procedure goes well, what a bummer. Cant believe lydia is crawling- she is getting so big and so cute. I love the picture with her and stuff animals, where was that at? Believe me, you only have to take pictures for a little while of your child and then you realize you cant capture every smile and moment and you will cave and get a faster shutter speed camera. I will think happy thoughts for McCall that it happens!

  5. wow i couldn't even find lydia in the stuffed animals, it took me so long that i started to think what am I even supposed to be looking for!? So how long did you go toothless? And how did the procedure go?

  6. The stuffed animal pic was taken at a Disney store (she loves that place). Haven't had the crown put on yet, just walking around with a temporary. Hopefully soon though.